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COMM-ORG Syllabi

Welcome to the COMM-ORG Syllabi Collection

On-Site Syllabi and Syllabi links

Editor: Randy Stoecker

Community Development

Community Infrastructure

Community Organizing

CO & Education

CO & Globalization

CBR & Service Learning

CO & Social Work

Participation & Planning

Environment & Food

Social Movements

Urban Issues

Other Collections

    About the Syllabi    

The COMM-ORG syllabi collection contains both syllabi posted on this website by contributors, and links to syllabi found across the Internet.  It includes both old and new syllabi.  Even the old syllabi contain ideas about classroom process and historical readings.

    Submit a Syllabus    

Are you teaching a course on:

  • community organizing?
  • community development?
  • community planning?
  • community-based research?
  • a related area?

COMM-ORG is looking for syllabi to post on the COMM-ORG Syllabi and Teaching Materials page. All materials are posted on the COMM-ORG website and announced on its accompanying list-serve, which reaches over 1000 people across more than a dozen nations. We welcome discussion of all papers on the listserv and encourage our members to also send comments directly to authors.

To submit a syllabi or teaching materials, contact the editor, Randy Stoecker at

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