MC 5712 - Facility Planning and Management

Course Outline - Spring 2001

Lecture Period: Wednesday 4:10-5:59p.m.     Credits:  3      Location: 118 Gugg                                  

Stephen H Jaouen
107 A Guggenheim Hall
Mon.: 8:30-11:00am
Tues.: 8:30-11:00am
(970) 491-6719
Brian H. Dunbar
224E Guggenheim
Wed: 3-4
Fri: 10-11 (+ appt.)
(970) 491-5041
Course Description:

Planning, organizing and managing large educational and/or related community facilities


Course Objectives:







To assist manufacturing technology,  construction management, and interior design graduate students in understanding the issues involved in facility planning and management.

Each student will:

  1. Be exposed to the components of a facility management system such as:  space and equipment planning, life safety and security management, and building systems planning and management.
  2. Understand the major components required to develop a facility management plan.
  3. Be required to work on a project team to develop a comprehensive facility plan.  The project will include space utilization plans, building layout, equipment and furniture plans, and building systems and materials schematics.
  4. Develop an understanding of the tools and techniques of planning and managing facilities, including working knowledge of a facilities management software program.
Grading Criteria:
Facility Planning/Management project
Class and Project Participation
Security/Safety Management Assignment
Scheduling Assignment


200 Points
50 Points
50 Points
100 Points
100 Points

500 Points







This course will focus on the development of a large-scale, commercial and/or educational facility.  Students will be divided into project groups and will present their facility management plan to the class and project representatives.  The minor topics will be presented in break out sessions involving the appropriate students.


1.  Programming a Facility
     a.     Gathering pertinent information
     b.     Setting project goals/objectives
     c.     Project team client relations
2.  Facility Planning Principles
     a.     Space planning
     b.     Space and equipment utilization
     c.     Planning for technology and infrastructure
3.  Planning / Construction Procedures
     a.     Budgeting process
     b.     Estimating processes
     c.     Scheduling processes
4.  Facilities Development
     a.     HVAC planning and operation
     b.     Electrical / telecommunications planning and management
     c.     Lighting planning and selection
     d.     Plumbing planning and operation
     e.     Information systems planning
5.  Life Safety Planning
     a.     Building codes
     b.     ADA special considerations
     c.     Security planning and management
6.  Equipment Selection and Specification
     a.     Equipment inventory process
     b.     Equipment selection process
     c.     Equipment specification process
7.  Management of Facilities
     a.     Opening and operating a facility
     b.     Managing the facility
     c.     Maintenance planning
8.  Post Occupancy Evaluation
     a.     Operations plan
     b.Future growth planning


1.  Additional Program Issues
     a.       Influence of curricula and/or company vision
     b.       Central project model
     c.       Technology facility principles
2.  Additional Planning Issues
     a.       Existing facility surveying
     b.       Functional planning research
     c.       Education/commercial specifications
3.  Additional Procedures
     a.       Building commissioning
     b.       Operations estimating
     c.       FM Software programs
4.  Additional Facilities Development Issues
     a.       Storage planning and management
     b.       Acoustical planning and management
     c.       Planning for future technologies
     d.       Signage planning and management
5.  Additional Safety Issues
     a.       Facility operations safety
     b.       Code/Plan review process
     c.       Manager/user liability
     d.       Equipment testing
6.  Additional Equipment Issues
     a.       Furniture, furnishings and equipment
     b.       Function, maintenance of equipment
     c.       Product procurement
7.  Additional Management Issues
     a.       Equipment and tools maintenance plan
     b.       Management software training and updating
     c.       Management software training and updating
8.  Additional Evaluation Issues
     a.       Lab operations testing
     b.      Affective and cognitive domain evaluating


            International Building Codes
            CSU Facilities Management Guidelines
            Poudre R-1 School District Education Plan Guidelines
            Aperture Facilities Management Software
            IFMA Website:
January 17:
Course introduction
Facilities management intro
Project intro
January 24:
Facilities planning lecture
Project tour/interview
January 31:
Group facility planning process session
Work with high school students and faculty to
Identify major building and curricular issues
February 7:
Preliminary Project budgeting
Building code/ADA/security issues
February 14:
Facility space plan prelim check w/ high school
February 21:
Building systems lecture #1
February 28:
Facility space plans presented w/ high school
March 7:
Spring break week
Facilities management software
Equipment inventory/selection process
March 21:
Project estimating process
Safety management assignment
March 28:
Check in with high school reps
Building systems lecture #2
April 4:
Project Scheduling assignment
April 11:
Opening/operating a facility
April 18:
Facility maintenance plan
April 25:
Group work session
Rehearse presentations
May 2:
Facilities planning/management projects
presented at high school