Tjerandsen -- Education Citizenship

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Carl Tjerandsen has been involved for many years in some aspect or another of efforts to promote change in individuals toward improved civic competence. His first efforts in this field focused on a cooperative effort (including the Bureau of Agricultural Economics of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Agricultural Ex­periment Station and the Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Eco­nomics of the University of Idaho) to establish county land use planning committees of farm men and women and agency personnel to discuss local problems and formulate recommenda­tions for their solution. Following World War II, he helped to establish and later direct the Institute of Citi­zenship at Kansas State College at Manhattan.

In the course of advanced study at the University of Chicago, the author joined the seminar conducted by its Committee on Education for American Citizenship, later accepting responsibil­ity for bringing together and presenting its report to the trustees of the Emil Schwarzhaupt Foundation in 1953.

While serving as executive secretary of the Foundation (from 1953), he also held full-time positions as Director of General Extension at Kansas State College, as Associate Dean of the Division of General Education (adult division) of New York University and as Dean of University Extension at the Santa Cruz campus of the University of California, from which position he retired in October 1977. An important component in each of these university adult education programs was an em­phasis on acquiring the understanding, attitudes and skills essential to the role of competent citizen.