Tjerandsen -- Education Citizenship

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List of Acronyms

AAIA Association on American Indian Affairs

ABCD Action for Boston Community Development

ACC Association of Community Councils (Chicago)

ACC Avondale Community Council (BHL, Cincinnati)

ACEP American Council for Émigrés in the Professions

ACESWA American Council for Émigré Scholars, Writers and Artists

ADC Aid-to-Dependent Children

AFL American Federation of Labor

AFSC American Friends Service Committee

AIC American Indian Center

AICC American Indian Chicago Conference

AID American Indian Development

ASCS Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service

ASP American Studies Program 

BCP Butte Citizens Program

BHL Better Housing League of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Inc.

BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs

BLM Bureau of Land Management

BSC Block Steering Committee (Hyde Park-Kenwood/Chicago)

BTC Between-the-Tracks Council

CCA Chicago Commons Association

CCB Catholic Charities of Buffalo

CCC Chelsea Community Council

CCH Citizenship Clearing House

CDP Community Development Program

CDPB Community Development Program Board

CEF Civic Education Foundation

CEO Civic Education Organization

CEP Citizenship Education Project (SCLC)

CFL Citizens Federation of Lackawanna

CHA Chicago Housing Authority

CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations

CIS Citizens Information Service

CIS Citizenship Improvement Study (4-H)

COFO Council of Federated Organizations

CORE Congress of Racial Equality

CPC Conference Planning Committee

CPHA Citizens Planning and Housing Association of Baltimore

CPP Citizens Participation Project (WCMC)

CSO Community Service Organization

ESF Emil Schwarzhaupt Foundation

GLABC Greater Lawndale Association of Block Clubs

GLCC Greater Lawndale Conservation Commission

HFS Highlander Folk School

HP-KCC Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

HRC Human Relations Center

IAF Industrial Areas Foundation

ICS Interns-in-Community Service

IFYE International Farm Youth Exchange

II Interns-in-Industry

ILGWU International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union

ISU Institutional Service Unit

K-ECC Kenwood-Ellis Community Center

LNCC Lackawanna Neighborhood Cooperative Committee

LWV League of Women Voters

MCEP Migrant Citizenship Education Program

MCNR Metropolitan Center for Neighborhood Renewal

MHPC Metropolitan Housing and Planning Council

NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

NAPSAE National Association of Public School Adult Educators

NCAI National Congress of American Indians

NCCC National Conference of Catholic Charities

NCEC National Council of the Episcopal Church

NDC Navajo Development Committee

NK-OCC North Kenwood-Oakland Community Conference

NORC National Opinion Research Center

NTL National Training Laboratories

NWSPB Near West Side Planning Board

NYF New York Foundation

OEO Office of Economic Opportunity

PCC Penn Community Center

PSC Public Schools Committee 

TA Parent-Teacher Association

SCCC South Chicago Community Center

SCCHR South Carolina Council on Human Relations

SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference

SDIA South Deering Improvement Association

SECC South East Chicago Commission

SMCCM South Metro County Council for Migrants

SNCC Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

SRC Southern Regional Council

SVEP Southwide Voter Education Project

SWU Social Welfare Union

TWO Temporary Woodlawn Organization

TWO The Woodlawn Organization

UCF United Community Fund of San Francisco

UFW United Farm Workers Union

VEP Voter Education Project

WCDC Woodlawn Community Development Corporation

WCMC Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago .

YMCA Young Men's Christian Association

YWCA Young Women's Christian Association