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The TechShop Madison project wrote and collected many documents during its three years in existence that we found to be helpful when thinking about nonprofit technology, service-learning, community-based research, and university-community partnerships. We would like to continue to be a resource to community projects, so please feel free to look at the papers and resources that we have posted here.

Developing a Site/Project Specification for Web 2.0

"Working with Nonprofits" for service-learning students

TechShop Community Planning Process

TechShop Project Development Overview

Creating an Information Technology Science Shop for Greater Madison : A Proposal to the National Community-Based Research Networking Initiative

TechShop Service-Learning Course Syllabus, Fall 2009

TechShop Service-Learning Course Syllabus, Spring 2010

Student application

Nonprofit-student agreement form

Nonprofit social media resources

Student training evaluation

TechShop flow chart

Consulting training powerpoints: part 1, part 2

Working with nonprofits training

Developing a site/project specification

Nonprofits and social media powerpoints:  part 1, part 2

Social media resources and best practices handout

Teaching skills and strategies powerpoint

Elaine Glowacki's Accidental Techie Report, 2007

TechShop was funded by:

The Corporation for National and Community Service

The University of Wisconsin Division of Information Technology

University of Wisconsin University Health Services

University of Wisconsin Morgridge Center for Public Service

The taxpayers who support UW faculty and staff salaries and some student tuition

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