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Community Planning Process

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In the summer of 2008 we completed the community planning process for the TechShop.

This planning process was based on two planning research projects. The first gathered more in-depth information on community organization technology support issues. The second studied the existing model of student-based technology support, the Division of Information Technology Helpdesk at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You can see the results of the research here.

Below are the questions we asked in each of these research projects:

Questions for the community organization technology issues study:

1. In what ways are you satisfied and dissatisfied with your computer technology in accomplishing the tasks you listed [from a separate sheet completed prior to the interview]?
2. What would your organization like to do with computer technology that you currently cannot? Why can't you currently do those things? [probe for time, money, skill, management issues]
3. What is your organization's current primary source of tech support? What do you like about that source? What would you like to change about that source? [probe for getting tech support information off the web].
4. What brand and version of operating system do your computers currently run [Microsoft Windows-95, 98, ME, XP, Vista; or Mac-OS 9, OSX, OS 10.5]?
5. If your organization has donated computers, from where did you receive them? In what ways are you satisfied and/or dissatisfied with them? If you don't have donated computers, why not?
6. We are using this information to develop a student-based computer technology assistance program for nonprofits. What are the most important reasons you need computer technology assistance? What advice do you have on how we should design the program and train students?
7. [if have a technology strategic plan] How have you been using your technology strategic plan? [if do not have a technology strategic plan] Why do you not have a technology strategic plan?
8. [for organizations with public computer labs only] what challenges do you face in managing a computer lab?
9. [if time allows] What computer technology successes has your organization had? 10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your computer technology?

Questions for the DoIT Helpdesk study:

1. How was the DoIT helpdesk first formed?
2. How has it changed over time?
3. What are the common issues the Helpdesk addresses?
4. What are the limits of the Helpdesk (the kinds of issues it is not able to address)?
5. What is the organizational structure of DoIT?
6. What is the budget of DoIT?
7. How are students recruited, trained, retained, and supervised?
8. What kind of space is required for the Helpdesk operations?
9. What is the workflow—from the time a call comes in until it is solved—and how is it managed (including phone, e-mail, online, and face to face interactions)?
10. What kind of organizational improvement process is used?


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The University of Wisconsin Division of Information Technology

University of Wisconsin University Health Services

University of Wisconsin Morgridge Center for Public Service

The taxpayers who support UW faculty and staff salaries and some student tuition


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