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Welcome to TechShop

TechShop Madison was a program that engaged UW-Madison students in providing information technology assistance to nonprofit organizations. The overall model we based the project on was the highly successful "science shop" structure used in the European Union. "Science shops" link university research and technical assistance resources to community-generated projects. Our project was built from a community-based research (CBR) project on nonprofit technology use in Dane County.

TechShop Philosophy: The purpose of the TechShop Madison program was to build the capacity of small and medium-size organizations to use information technology to pursue their missions. We worked with—not for or on behalf of—nonprofit organizations to ensure that we engaged in partnerships that recognized the resources and expertise that each partner contributed to the project. Together, student and nonprofit partners evaluated the goals, resources and limitations that shape decision-making around IT issues. Students equipped their nonprofit partners to develop, implement, manage and sustain technologies within the scope of the TechShop projects.

The TechShop Madison team included: Eric Howland, the executive director of DANEnet; Andy Giesler, IT Consultant with Blazing Moon; Katherine Loving, the civic engagement coordinator at University Health Services; Randy Stoecker, a professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology at UW-Madison; and UW students Jeanette Velazquez, Emily Christian, Molly Reddy, and Nikki Gilbertson.

"This was a tremendous help for us. I was very pleased with our student, who was very enthusiastic and really got us motivated. I now feel really confident that I can keep up our social media accounts effectively." -Nonprofit partner

TechShop Nonprofit Partners:

From Fall of 2008 through the Spring of 2010 30 nonprofits participated for one semester in the TechShop program, being paired with a service-learning student for at least 20 hours of side-by-side learning.

Over four semesters TechShop trained and supported 30 students to serve as technology consultants and educators for nonprofits in Dane County. Additionally, TechShop served many more Dane County nonprofit organizations through our community education sessions, including: Nonprofit 2.0: Navigating the Hope and Hype of Social Media by Andy Giesler.

"Professional experience combined with community service." -Student Participant

TechShop was funded by:

The Corporation for National and Community Service

The University of Wisconsin Division of Information Technology

University of Wisconsin University Health Services

University of Wisconsin Morgridge Center for Public Service

The taxpayers who support UW faculty and staff salaries and some student tuition

Our Partners

University Health Services


UWUW Division of Information Technology

UW Morgridge Center for Pubic Service