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Welcome to TechShop

TechShop Madison was a program that engaged UW-Madison students in providing information technology assistance to nonprofit organizations. The overall model we based the project on is the highly successful "science shop" structure used in the European Union. "Science shops" link university research and technical assistance resources to community-generated projects.

We have posted information on the project on these pages, resources for working with nonprofits on technology issues, and a number of documents we generated in the process.

For more information please contact Katherine Loving at or Randy Stoecker at

TechShop was funded by:

The Corporation for National and Community Service

The University of Wisconsin Division of Information Technology

University of Wisconsin University Health Services

University of Wisconsin Morgridge Center for Public Service

The taxpayers who support UW faculty and staff salaries and some student tuition

Our Partners

University Health Services


UWUW Division of Information Technology

UW Morgridge Center for Pubic Service