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In Mat Thall's introduction, he refers to his work with HUD on the public housing and assisted housing programs. Recent books on HUD and housing policy in the U.S. include

Hays, R. Allen, 1945- The federal government and urban housing : ideology and change in public policy / R. Allen Hays. State University of New York Press, c1985. ------- Ownership, control, and the future of housing policy / edited by R. Allen Hays. Greenwood Press, 1993.

If any of the seminar participants are interested in describing the main points of these books, I'd be interested....

Mat also refers to his work with the office of the Boston Housing Authority receiver. The papers of the receiver are in the Healey Library archive at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. The archive has placed project descriptions and descriptions of its collections on Gopher. To obtain a description of the receivership and of the records available at the archive, gopher to "gopher.lib.umb.edu" and follow the path

<menu> Archives & Special Collections - Healey Library <menu> Collection Descriptions <menu> Archival and Manuscript Collections <document> Garrity, Paul G. : papers on BHA receivership, 1976-1985

(if it doesn't respond, try again at a later time).

I think that it is interesting that in Mat's career, the work in public housing and community-based housing development are in two distinctive periods. I wonder whether the gap has been closed between the two approaches to offering affordable housing. Again, this would be an interesting topic for a paper or later discussion in the seminar.

Also available in the archive are the records of the Boston Redevelopment Authority community advisory committee on urban renewal in the Fenway -- FenPAC -- an institution which worked with the Fenway CDC of which Mat was director on and off in the CDC's early years. Occasionally, they were at odds, as FenPAC tended to represent a more middle-class constituency than the Fenway CDC. For these records, follow the path:

<menu> Archives & Special Collections - Healey Library <menu> Collection Descriptions <menu> Archival and Manuscript Collections <document> Fenway Project Area Committee : records, 1972-1983

This archive is rich with materials related to social welfare and community organizing. Although only the description of the projects and of the materials are available on-line, I think we are moving to a time when the archival records themselves will be transcribed for Internet access, including photographs of the actual records.

Here are some of the other collections in the archive -- I am including only those related to political, labor and neighborhood organizing, although many others are available on turn-of-the century social service.

<document>Boston Common Political Leaflets Collection, 1967-1973

<document>Boston Neighborhood Studies Collection, 1959-1988 <

document>Boston Public Housing Tenants Policy Council : records, 1968-1984

<document>Cambridge Tenants Organizing Committee : records, 1970-1984 <menu>Citizens for Participation in Political Action : records, 1962-1992

<menu>Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association : records, 1967-1982 <document>Dorchester House Multi-Service Center : records, 1909-1983

<menu>Haymarket People's Fund : records, 1974-1989

<document>Kane, Michael : papers, 1971-1981 [WP: Michael Kane was a community organizer in Boston in the 1970s and 1980s.]

<document>Mission Hill Planning Commission : records, 1971-1985

<document>Savin Hill Improvement Association : records, 1967-1971 <document>South End Project Area Committee : records, 1956-1981

<document>Tent City Corporation : records, 1968-1987 <

document>United Packinghouse Workers of America. Local 11. : records, 1937-1976

<document>Urban Planning Aid : records, 1966-1982

I may be posting some of the descriptions at a later date, and am interested in the existence of other archives of use to students of community-organizing and community-based development, on-line or not.

Wendy Plotkin COMM-ORG