From: Gordon Whitman <>

PICO has an overview of community organizing video on our home page:
And a set of more specific videos about campaigns and events at

Gordon Whitman, PICO National Network, O (202) 481-6691 ? M (202)
427-2992 ? F (202) 315-3568


From: "Gail Schechter" <>

Hi Sarah,

Per your query, my two favorites are "Metropolitan Avenue" (if focuses
on the neighborhood I organized in during the late '80s,
Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyh, with a nice exploration of
grassroots, multi-ethnic women as community leaders) and "You Got to
Move" about the work of the Highlander Center in Tennessee -- includes
an extensive focus on organizing down south during the Civil Rights
Movement, and environmental justice organizing in Appalachia.


Gail Schechter
Executive Director
Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs
620 Lincoln Ave.
Winnetka, IL 60093
Phone: 847-501-5762, ext. 406
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Check for some good options, depending on your
particular interests. Available either by rental or purchase at
reasonable rates.

Ed K.


From: "Cheryl Honey, Community Weaver" <>

Check out the video produced by the Lifetime Channel on the Family
Support Network at This CO focus is neighbors
helping neighbors.

Cheryl Honey, C.P.P.
Family Support Network, Int'l
(206) 240-2241

"The more resourceful we are among ourselves, the more valuable a
resource we become to our families, our communities and our world."


From: Bonnie Bazata <>

I've really liked using Stranger with a Camera by Elizabeth Barret from
Appalshop. It isn't exactly on community organizing but it looks at the
inherent dilemmas that surface when coming into a different community
and trying to work for change and tell the story as an outsider. Here's
the website:

Bonnie Bazata
Executive Director
St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative
PO Box 1078
South Bend, IN 46624



one more movie i think bears showing
is a film, 'one night of fire' about
activists creating an underground street
party in nyc.
full disclosure... i had a great time at the event.


From: Marie Kennedy <>

Although not urban and not new, I still think "Fight in the Fields" is a
great movie for teaching organizing (and I've recently used it with
planning students and it raises all the right questions).


From: Clare Weber <>


Are you looking for U.S. cases? I've used "Thirst", "Shape of Water"
and Bullfrog films has a number of good ones. I'm previewing "The
Philadelphia Story", which looks promising.

Clare Weber
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Sociology
California State University Dominguez Hills
1000 E. Victoria St.
Carson, CA 90747
Office: SBS B-328


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> > but still full of good information. Does anyone have any good ideas?
> > They will be used for a graduate level Community Organizing class.
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> > Thanks!
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