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Action Research and Data
There are links to resources on research and data useful to community organizing groups. Some link language is taken from the websites.

Action Research

  • Action Research Resources, a nice selection of links to action research and related resources at Southern Cross University in Australia.
  • Applied Research Center, a leading research lab and foundry where academics and activists forge tools to spark social progress and measure the results.
  • Citizens League, promotes the public interest in Minnesota by involving citizens in identifying and framing critical public policy choices, forging recommendations and advocating their adoption, and maintains a directory of similar organizations around the U.S.
  • The Community-Based Participatory Research Resources Page, maintained by Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, contains tools and resources, reports and presentations, principles and policies, listservs, and other CBPR resources.
  • Community Psychology Net, a comprehensive site regarding the field of community psychology--meant to be a resource for professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, and others.
  • Community Scholars, a paid summer internship program for high school juniors and seniors in El Paso, Texas
  • Evaluation Tools for Racial Equality, tools that provide a step by step guide for conducting evaluation with a focus on racial justice.
  • Focus St. Louis, provides people with multiple opportunities to discuss issues, provide feedback to decision-makers, and take action for positive change.
  • LOKA Institute--amongits many activities, LOKA is developing an online database of community-based researchers.
  • New Directions Community-Based Research Institute, Inc., an organization that attracts and assembles multi-disciplinary teams of university researchers and their students and brings them to civic groups which have demonstrated a willingness and a desire to become active stewards of their neighborhoods or communities.
  • Project South, a community-based membership institute that develops and conducts popular political and economic education and action research for organizing and liberation.
  • Rainbow Research, provides research services for community organizations and free information on their web site.
  • Research for Action, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization engaged in educational research and reform.
  • Research for Organizing Toolkit, a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization engaged in educational research and reform.
  • Society for Community Research and Action, devoted to advancing theory, research and social action to promote positive well-being, increase empowerment, and prevent the development of problems of communities, groups and individuals.
  • "Sociology and Social Action.", two special issues of "Sociological Imagination," The journal of the Wisconsin Sociological Society, now available online.
  • Southeast Community Research Center, established to promote, facilitate, and conduct participatory and community-based research throughout the Southeastern United States.
Participatory Evaluation

Popular Education

  • The Catalyst Centre celebrates and promotes innovative learning, popular education, research and community development to advance positive social change.
  • Comeuppance, thoughts on popular education, storytelling and activism for a possible better world.
  • Highlander Research and Education Center, has a long and distinguished history as a popular education center that brings grassroots leaders and community groups together to learn from each other and develop strategies for social change.
  • Jungle Hill and the Oakland Musuem of California, a fascinating story of youth, a musuem, and community organizing.
  • Living the Question, a site to create a space for sharing the stories of transformation and collective journeys in action learning circles.
  • The Paulo Freire Institute, an international network of people and institutions with members in 18 countries worldwide. Its main purpose is to research, organize and gather data, thoughts and information and to operate in the field of education, culture and communication.
  • The Popular Education News, current and back issues of free monthly newsletter of reviews of popular education and community organizing materials - includes annotated bibliography and links and more.
Community-Campus Partnerships

  • Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota provides training, collaborative research, and student interns for community groups.
  • Community-Based Research Network of Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada, focuses on increasing the capacity of community-based organizations in Ottawa to use evidence-based information to more effectively serve the community and promote sharing and dissemination of information and best practices among universities, community based organizations and the broader community.
  • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is a nonprofit organization that promotes health through partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions.
  • Community Partnership Center, at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, links University faculty, students, and staff with urban and rural community groups and agencies to address the core problems facing low-and moderate-income communities.
  • Community Service Research Centre, at The University of Queensland in Ipswich, Australia, exists to integrate research, teaching and learning to improve community well-being and capability.
  • The Down East Spiral Network, made up of the graduates and instructors of the Certificate in Community Development Course at Henson College in Nova Scotia, Canada. Graduates and partners include grass-roots groups doing community organizing work.
  • Green Visions Plan, a partnership between Southern California’s state land conservancies and the University of Southern California’s Center for Sustainable Cities and GIS Research Laboratory, forged to create a visionary plan and practical planning tools to promote habitat conservation, watershed health and recreational open space.
  • Institute for Community-Based Research, at Delta State University, engages in projects to inform social change at the grassroots level.
  • Just Connections, a partnership designed to invigorate grassroots democracy among residents of distressed mountain communities by creating and using models for participatory research and service in support of self-sustaining communities that offer equitable access to resources for local citizens.
  • National Center for Schools and Communities, at Fordham University, helps build the power and capacity of low-income parents and communities to improve their children's schools.
  • The Organize Indiana Project (OIP), a jointly sponsored project focused on providing education, support services, and resources to unions in order to assist organizing efforts.
  • PRAG: The Policy Research Action Group, a university-community partnership program using the resources of four Chicago universities to address urban problems in collaboration with community-based organizations.
  • The Quality of Life Research Unit, within the Centre for Health Promotion in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, carries out quality of life research that relates to communities, families, and individuals from a variety of population groups.
  • Rural Women Making Change, a community-university research alliance in which community organization members and academics are co-researchers.
  • Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods, University of Louisville's Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods program.
  • Trent Centre for Community-Based Education in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, facilitates community-based research and experiential learning, providing opportunities for students, faculty and local organizations to pool their resources and work together on community-inspired projects that enhance the social and economic health of the community.
  • Trinity Center for Neighborhoods, of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.
  • The Tufts Community Research Center seeks to involve Tufts faculty and students from across all seven schools of the university in research done in collaboration with community partners.
  • University Neighborhood Housing Program is a a collaboration by Fordham University and the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition.
  • West Philadelphia Landscape Project, an action research program integrating research, teaching, and community service.
  • The Working Group on Organizing, Social Movements, and the Academy, August 20-21, 1998, Davis, CA, USA.
Researching Corporations

Action Data--Geographic Information Systems

Action Data--Databases

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