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Subject: PAPER: Establishment of `Native Vigilance Association' (S. Africa)

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I am pleased to announce the availability of the next paper in the seminar, one of four papers to be made available in March, and the only one this month about an area outside of the U.S. Keith Tankard's

The Establishment of a `Native Vigilance Association' at East London (South Africa) To Protect the Interests of the Black Community against Social Manipulation by the Local Municipality, 1890-1923

describes the growth of segregation in this South African port town at the turn of the century, and the attempts of the native population to resist it, through the courts and the organization of a mass political movement.

Keith Tankard is Lecturer-in-Charge at Rhodes University, East London Branch, Department of History, and has been a co-editor of H-Urban since 1995.

Keith has published a variety of articles, including a number drawing on his dissertation "The Development of East London through Four Decades of Municipal Control, 1873-1914." Among these are:

"Strangulation of a Port: East London, 1847-1873" in CONTREE: JOURNAL FOR SOUTH AFRICAN URBAN AND REGIONAL HISTORY, No. 23, March 1988

"The Effects of the `Great Depression' of the late 19th century on East London, 1873-1887" in THE SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC HISTORY, Vol 6, No. 2, 1991.

"Effects of Irish versus German Immigration on the Eastern Frontier, 1857-1858" in D McCracken (ed), SOUTHERN AFRICAN-IRISH STUDIES, Vol 1, 1991

"The Lady Kennaway Girls" in D McCracken (ed), THE IRISH IN SOUTHERN AFRICA, 1795-1910, (Durban, 1992)

"Bathing Habits in Victorian East London" in CONTREE, No 32, November 1992

"The Role Played by Women in the Uitlander Refugee Crisis, 1899-1902: A Case Study of East London Humanitarian Effort" in CONTREE, No 36, December 1994

To obtain a copy of Keith's paper, on which comments on COMM-ORG are welcome, a variety of options exist.

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If you are interested in also obtaining a longer paper by Keith earlier posted to H-Urban

"Urban Growth and Segregation in the Old Cape Colony From 1652 to About 1970"

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