COMM-ORG Papers 2003

Blanc et al.: From the Ground Up

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Research for Action is deeply grateful to the staff and leaders at LSNA for their participation in this project.† LSNA leaders, organizers, and staff who have devoted their time to making this project a success have included: Nancy Aardema, Maria Alviso, Ada Ayala, Rose Becerra, Liala Beukema, Rosita De La Rosa, Marcelo Ferrer, Andrea Friedman, Fernando Galazar, Lesszest George, Father Mike Herman, Juan Pablo Herrera, Gene Kaminski, Letitia Lehmann, Lissette Martinez, Melissa McNeely, Anibal Miranda, Lissette Moreno, Idida Perez, Barbara Reyes, Mildred Reyes, Amanda Rivera, Beatrice Santiago, Sharon Schramel,† Sigilfredo Souchet, and Kathy Tholin.† Thanks to all of you and to everyone else at LSNA who helped us.†

Special thanks to the writers from LSNA who contributed to this report:

"This job is for you" by Conchita Perez and "Shy no more" by Marisol Torres were excerpted from their contributions to Real Conditions, Volume 2, Number 4.† Real Conditions is published by The Community Writing Project of the Center for Youth and Society, College of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago.††

"The Death of Housing" by Letitia Lehman was excerpted from The Eagle News, the Newsletter of the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Fall/Winter 2001.† Letitia also contributed many other original poems.

Sigilfredo Souchet's written response to RFA's housing chapter has also been included in this document.†

Research for Action would also like to thank Chris Brown of the Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform and Pauline Lipman of DePaul University.† In addition, we are grateful to the many RFA staff and team members have worked on this with us over the years, including Judy Adamson, Tina Collins, Jennifer Freeman, Eva Gold, Rachel Martin, Rachel Mausner, Aida Nevarez-La Torre, Morgan Riffer, Amy Rhodes, Rosalie Rolon-Dow, Elaine Simon and Orien Weathersby.

Finally, we appreciate the ongoing interest and commitment to this project by the staff of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.  


About the Authors


Research for Action

Suzanne Blanc, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, has studied inter-ethnic relations in community organizations, schools, and neighborhood business strips. Sukey received a fellowship from the American Association of University Women for her dissertation research at Temple University on the identity formation of adolescent girls across race, ethnicity, and class. At RFA, Sukey is developing a framework for understanding the impact of curriculum reform on urban schools, teachers, and students.

Matthew Goldwasser, Ph.D., Research Associate, joined us in February 2001. Matthew has worked in educational settings for over 25 years as a middle and high school teacher and administrator, a university professor, and a state evaluator. He has also worked with adjudicated, delinquent, and incarcerated youth in a variety of educational, mental health, and recreational settings. His doctoral research at the University of Colorado was a qualitative evaluation of the meaning of school restructuring via site-based management and the relationship between those who make the policies and those who implement them.

The Logan Square Neighborhood Association

Joanna Brown, M.A., is lead education organizer at Logan Square Neighborhood Association, where she worked in 1993-94 and again from 1997 to the present. She is also a doctoral candidate in anthropology at the University of Chicago and is writing her dissertation on the experiences of Latina mothers in Chicago public schools. Her masterís thesis documented an experimental bilingual school in the Panamanian indigenous area of Kuna Yala. She has been working in Chicago neighborhoods as a writer and/or organizer since 1980.