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University City - Woodbridge Historic Area Together

A Community Study of the Woodbridge Historic District

Detroit, Michigan

Prepared by:

Anthony Agbali, Jason Booza, Jennifer Creighton, Amanda Dudley, Richard Fancy, Lance Greene, Amy Howell, Kevin Johnson, Ken Kelso, Rachel Klamo, Mary Mans,   Alexandria Meriano, Elizabeth Pare, Girthia Porchia, Michelle Proctor, Oliver Rue,  Tim Scrimger,  Joseph White, Shihong Yao.

Prepared for:
SOC 7200: Advanced Sociological Research Techniques

Robert Silverman, Professor, Ramona Coates (TA) - Winter 2001 Semester

Wayne State University

April 23, 2001

This paper was written as a graduate course project in the Department of Sociology at Wayne State University, Winter 2001. We would like to acknowledge the input of residents in the Woodbridge Historic Area fortheir assistance with this research.

Feedback regarding this paper and suggestions for future projects are welcome. Please contact Rob Silverman at to comment.

Figure 1: Map of Woodbridge Community














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Table of Contents

I.  Introduction
II. History and Timeline
III. Community Profile
IV.  Woodbridge Associational Map
1. Woodbridge Organizational Activities and Functions
2. Community Environment
3. Community Services and Programs
V.  Recommendations
Appendix A - Directory of organizations for Woodbridge Historic Area
Appendix B - List of libraries/resources for Woodbridge Historic Area
Appendix C - Bibliography of reference materials relevant to community building