University City - Woodbridge Historic Area Together
Title Page and ContentsIntroduction | History and Timeline | Community Profile | Woodbridge Associational Map | Recommendations | Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C


The Woodbridge Historic District of Detroit, Michigan has a colorful history that can still be seen today in its old-world community values. To long-term residents of Woodbridge, "neighborhood" means diverse people and a friendly community where everyone is working together to achieve common goals. Every day people are outside working on their homes and yards, and working to preserve the magnificent architecture that marks the area. Their efforts are showcased every year during the home and garden tour. But over the last few decades there have been many obstacles that Woodbridge residents have faced in their efforts to improve community life.

This project, University City - Woodbridge Historic Area Together (UC-WHAT), is a comprehensive study by graduate students at Wayne State University (WSU) of the Woodbridge Historic District. As WSU students, we are in a good position to study the community using resources available within the university system. The project has the following goals: to create a resource for the Woodbridge Historic District residents and other historic neighborhoods; to better understand the history of the community and how it led to the present social structure; to create a guide for residents to capitalize on the diverse resources in the area; to help build up and create new organizational strength in the community; and to describe the resources that exist in the community so residents can take better advantage of the services offered. These goals can strengthen the community's physical and social structure. We hope that by studying this information the residents of the Woodbridge community can take better advantage of community structures and work more effectively together.

To give the reader a snapshot of the community's history this report begins with a brief timeline of Woodbridge highlighting the history of the neighborhood and describing the major social changes that affected its growth and personality. Next we present a community profile that outlines the demographics and other statistics of the community and its residents; painting a picture of the people who live in this diverse neighborhood. An associational map identifying the organizational strengths of the communityis included. This is followed by a discussion of organizational activities which highlights the major services and functions provided by nearby organizations. The paper concludes with recommendations that suggest how the Woodbridge community might be enhanced by developing new groups and /or better collaboration among existing ones.

As a supplement, three appendices are included. Appendix A is a directory of community organizations in the Woodbridge area including phone numbers and contacts. Appendix B lists libraries and other locations where information about the Woodbridge community can be found. Appendix C is a bibliography of reference materials about community building. These appendices are provided as a resource for residents interested in doing further research. We hope that Woodbridge residents will use the information to strengthen their efforts and make the community a great place to live.

Title Page and Contents Introduction | History and Timeline | Community Profile | Woodbridge Associational Map | Recommendations | Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C