University City - Woodbridge Historic Area Together

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Artistic Organizations Dance, Art
Charitable Groups & Drives Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army
Church Groups Bible Study Groups, Food Pantries
Civic Events Winterfest, Summerfest, Garden Party
Community Support Groups Hospitals, Religious Groups, Community Health Services
Elderly Groups Older Adult Services, Senior Citizen Groups
Local Government City Council, Ombudsman, Fire Department, Police Department, 
Local Media Local Newspapers, Historic Association Newsletter, College Newspaper
Mutual Support Groups Alcoholics' Anonymous, Sobriety House, Aurora Young Adult
Neighborhood & Block Groups Historical Association, Crime Watch, CDC
Outdoor Groups Garden Club, Neighborhood Beautification
Political Organizations Democrats, Republicans
School Groups PTA
Social Services Family Services, Advocacy, Neighborhood Services
Veterans' Groups Vietnam Veterans, Department of Veteran Affairs, Office of Military and
Youth Groups Boy Scouts, Youth Center

Woodbridge Organizational Activities and Functions: Woodbridge offers a variety of services and activities for its residents. This section details the services and activities offered and the people who might benefit from them. The Associational Map (above) lists the activities that are offered through the clubs, groups, organizations and associations in and around the Woodbridge area. Appendix A also lists these organizations by name, address and phone number.

An array of services is available to satisfy the various needs of the community. Some homeowners are especially interested in preserving the history of the community through education and home tours. Others have more interest in maintaining the neighborhood in good repair and keeping it a safe place to live. Also there are people who are more likely to use needs-oriented service programs that are offered in and around the district. Everyone uniquely benefits from community activities, services and functions in the Woodbridge district.

Community Environment: The community environment includes both attractions and areas needing improvement. Scripps Park is a convenient meeting ground for outside activities and the school playgrounds offer recreational opportunities for children and adults. In addition, the Wayne State University athletic facility adjoins the district.

The district has seven schools and a library. The Frederick Douglas Library is located on Grand River Avenue. The library offers special services for the blind, physically handicapped, shut-ins and retirees. These services include a bookmobile and door-to-door service for the homebound and older citizens. The library is also a meeting place for community organizations. The Woodbridge Historic District Association meets at the library every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Beside the public facilities, the area has many churches and historic homes, which bring stability to the neighborhood. The district has one of the oldest continuously operated businesses in Detroit, the Patterson Dog-Cat Hospital on Grand River Avenue. There is also a strip mall on the northeast side of the district where residents can shop. The strip mall includes a Spartan grocery store, a Blockbuster video rental store, a TCF Bank and three restaurants: Little Caesar's Pizza, Subway, and the Dynasty Chinese Restaurant.

Community Services and Programs: The range of services and programs represents the needs and interests of Woodbridge residents. The Woodbridge Historic District Association provides significant support to the area. The association has gone to great lengths to try to improve the neighborhood. The members bring residents in the neighborhood together with yearly events including Winterfest, Garden Party, Summerfest, and the Home and Garden Tour. They also provide a local newsletter, The District Voice. Many of the residents enjoy these activities every year but not everyone is interested or involved in the association.

The Woodbridge Historic District Area has several different community service organizations located nearby to meet the needs of the residents. There are eleven different categories of community services that residents may need: alcoholism and substance abuse, domestic violence, vocational education, emergency services, employment assistance, family counseling, physical health, mental health, shelter/housing assistance, special programs and women's services. Many organizations providing these services are listed in Appendix A.

There is a Detroit Police Department Mini Station located at 240 W. Forest. The police department offers the following services to the residents: the Police Athletic League, Junior Police Cadets, Gun Safety Program, Neighborhood Watch Program, Date Rape Prevention Training Program, Citizen-Business Police Academy, speakers on crime prevention/self protection, Operation Kid Watch, Explorers, Security Surveys, a free senior lock installation program, McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog and the Blue Pigs Band.

In addition, the Detroit Fire Department provides the following services to the community: home fire safety inspections, free smoke detectors, and smoke detector installation for senior citizens. The Fire Department also provides meeting space for block clubs, parent groups and other community groups. And, they offer firehouse tours, fire engines for parades, in-home fire safety and arson awareness.

Title Page and ContentsIntroduction | History and Timeline | Community Profile | Woodbridge Associational Map | Recommendations | Appendix A | Appendix B | Appendix C