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Health Organizing

There are community organizing groups focusing on health.  Some link language is taken from the websites.

  • Champaign County Health Care Consumers  is a non-profit, grassroots organization founded on the premise of participatory democracy and the belief that meaningful reforms in the health care system will come only with the active involvement of consumers.
  • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health is a nonprofit organization that promotes health through partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions.
  • Community Catalyst is a national advocacy organization that helps consumers and communities participate in decisions that shape their health care systems.
  • Alliance for Healthy Homes helps community-based organizations develop their capacity to document environmental health hazards in substandard housing and to pursue effective organizing and advocacy strategies for corrective and preventive action.
  • Health Democracy is the movement to establish a co-op sector for health coverage in the United States.
  • Healthcare-NOW! organizing for a national single-payer healthcare system.
  • Hospice Patients Alliance provides information about hospice services, directly assists patients, families and caregivers in resolving difficulties they may have with current hospice services, and promotes better quality hospice care throughout the United States of America.
  • Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP) acts as a catalyst to bring slum residents and their governments together. When community committees (CCs) learn to design, implement, and evaluate their own projects, they invest in health and ask their governments to do the same.
  • Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative works to guarantee quality, affordable Health Care for All Marylanders. 
  • Praxis Project supports and partners with communities to achieve health justice by providing resources and capacity for policy development, advocacy and leadership.
  • PICO National Campaign for Comprehensive Health Reformis making it easier for children, working families and the elderly to obtain the health insurance, medical services and prescription drugs they need to stay healthy.


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