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Join NYS Senator Liz Krueger and Met Council’s Vajra Kilgour on Monday’s 
of Housing Notebook. They’ll discuss why the illegal hotel industry –
spearheaded by tax dodging corporations like Airbnb – are a direct 
threat to
rent regulated housing. Tune in on Monday night at 8pm on WBAI, 99.5FM

NY1 interviewed Senator Krueger and Jaron Benjamin about Airbnb’s threat to
affordable housing. Two unexpected visitors were interviewed as well – 
clients who were unaware they were staying in an illegal hotel. Watch the
segment here

City Limits asks if housing advocates can make real changes in Albany, and
profiles the new relationships that have formed between labor and community
leaders in advance of the 2015 Rent Law fight. Read it here

Al Jazeera America writes about the “Poor Door” controversy and what it 
means to
the overall housing crisis, and features a study by the Real 
Affordability for
All coalition (coordinated by the Met Council on Housing). Read the 
article here



Illegal hotels have plagued New York City for more than a decade. The 
has reached critical mass with the arrival of Airbnb and other 
companies. We see
cheery ads showing people sharing brunch with their house guests, but 
hotel activities create problems for residents and tourists alike. For New
Yorkers, illegal hotels can mean unsafe, disruptive and sometimes unsavory
activities in their buildings, and exacerbate our housing crisis by taking
thousands of affordable rent regulated units off the market. Residents 
also run
a risk of eviction and violation of their leases and/or the bylaws of their
coop/condo agreements.

Tourists run the risk of being ripped off by unscrupulous profiteers and 
their own safety, because the standards for residential buildings differ 
hotel standards. Hotels require more comprehensive fire codes, 
sprinklers, and
secondary egress.

We invite you to join elected officials, tenants, and advocates for the 
kick off
press conference and the announcement of a new coalition to stop illegal 
in New York City on *Friday, September 12, at 11 A.M. on the steps of 
City Hall*.

Airbnb's major public relations and lobbying campaign aims to repeal or 
New York's illegal hotel law. There is a new coalition forming to fight 
and we hope your organization can join it.

We need a big showing, and for lots of groups to endorse and join the 

Please share this information widely.

*What*: Illegal Hotels Campaign Kickoff
*When*: Friday, September 12, 11AM
*Where*: Steps of City Hall




The Met Council on Housing will host a gala to honor long time affordable
housing champions. The gala will be held at 25 W 18th Street in the 32BJ 
auditorium on Friday, October 24.

In recent years, the Met Council on Housing has re-emerged as a leader 
in the
fight for affordable housing. We've assumed leadership roles in the R3

and Real Affordability for All

campaigns, and have held powerful decision makers accountable while 
to offer assistance to tenants in need.

Join us to celebrate our recent successes and prepare for the sunset of 
the Rent
Laws in 2015. Contact ilana at metcouncilonhousing.org for more information.




New Yorkers Need to March on 8/20 for Real Affordable Housing"
Huffington Post (by Jaron Benjamin and Jonathan Westin)

"The Ride Home with Pat Kiernan and Rita Cosby"

- WABC 77 Radio

"Airbnb's Threat to Affordable Housing"

- NY Daily News (by Jaron Benjamin and Jonathan Westin)

"Advocates Push Mayor for More Affordable Housing at Astoria Cove"

- City & State

"Astoria Cove Developer Donates Above ‘Pay to Play’ Limits"
Commercial Observer

"Moreland Commission Was Looking Into Real Estate Contributions Before 
NY1/Time Warner Cable News

"Astoria Cove developers boost affordable housing to numbers cited last 

NY Daily News

"Three of Five Developers Haven’t Cashed In Controversial Tax Exemption"

Commercial Observer

"How New York Real Estate Became a Dumping Ground for the World’s Dirty 

The Nation


/The Met Council on Housing is dedicated to fighting for
safe, stable, affordable housing for more than 50 years.
Visit us on the web at www.metcouncilonhousing.org


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