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Peter Dreier <dreier at oxy.edu>


I’m writing to ask your help in spreading the word about our search for a
senior-level faculty member for the Urban & Environmental Policy (UEP)
Department at Occidental College. This position will be at the full
professor or associate professor (with tenure) level. (The new hire will
replace Bob Gottlieb, who will be retiring after the 2014-2015 academic
year). We are interested in someone who has a commitment and track record
to community engaged teaching and research in the areas of 
development and environmental sustainability, with a focus on the “green
economy” and “green jobs.” *We’re casting a wide net and I’m writing to
ask for your help in identifying some potential candidates for this

We encourage candidates from a range of disciplines, including urban
planning, economics, sociology, political science, environmental studies,
geography, law, public health, and others. We’d like to find faculty who
will be able to conduct research and teach in the area of green jobs and
sustainable development as well as one of more of the following topical
areas: the built environment, food systems, poverty and labor issues,
climate justice, and progressive regional and/or community economic
development. We are also open to considering non-traditional candidates
with extensive professional and community experience but who may not have a
Ph.D. or other terminal degree.

The UEP Department emphasizes teaching and research that is
community-engaged and devoted to making cities more livable, democratic,
and just. We are fortunate to be located in Los Angeles, one of the most
dynamic and progressive cities in the country, where grassroots
organizations, policy organizations, and elected officials have built a
powerful movement to address the region’s economic, environmental, and
social injustices. So we want to find someone who shares our commitment to
engaged applied research and teaching and whose areas of specialization
complements those of the existing UEP faculty – Martha Matsuoka, Bhavna
Shamasunder, and me. (After we have hired our new senior colleague, we
will be conducting another search the following year for a new colleague at
the assistant professor level).

We are open to our new senior colleague creating new courses that we don’t
offer now as well as teaching (and revising) some of our existing courses,
such as the intro-level Environment and Society (UEP 101) and our senior
comps seminar, in which students undertake a year-long applied research
project, often with a community “client” or partner. We’d also like our
new colleague to develop and teach courses in his/her own areas of
expertise. There are opportunities for team-teaching with faculty within
our department and in other Occidental departments. You can find a
description of our department and its existing courses in our catalog at
this link: http://www.oxy.edu/urban-environmental-policy. The college has
a Center for Community-Based Learning designed to expand Occidental's
commitment to community-based learning by linking our academic program with
community involvement, including expanding community internships and
community-oriented research projects for our students. Our department has
been a leader in this effort and so, not surprisingly, we'd like to find a
new colleague who will get students involved in the real world of applied
research, advocacy, organizing, and politics.

We pride ourselves on giving our students lots of opportunities for
experiential learning and internships. Our faculty and students also work
with our applied research center, the Urban and Environmental Policy
Institute (UEPI), which Bob Gottlieb founded. UEPI has a staff of nine
researchers and organizers who conduct social justice research and
administer programs that advance its social change mission. It has become
an institutional hub for many progressive initiatives on campus, in Los
Angeles, and nationally.

Occidental, located on a beautiful campus in a residential neighborhood
only 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, is a great place to teach. We
have a wonderful student body -- very diverse, generally politically
engaged and involved in lots of community projects, and very bright and
eager to learn. *US News* has consistently ranked Oxy as one of the liberal
arts colleges most committed to diversity. For example, we rank near the
top of very selective liberal arts colleges in terms of the proportion of
students with Pell Grants.

We imagine that the person we want to hire may not be looking for a new
position, but could be enticed to join us at Occidental because of our
unique combination of engaged teaching, research, and community service and
because Los Angeles is an exciting city to live, work, and conduct
research. In other words, our ideal candidates may not be perusing the
academic “want ads,” and thus we have to pro-actively seek out people who
we think would be great colleagues and a good fit for this position.

If you have names of people, please let me know, so we can contact them.
Many thanks.




Peter Dreier
Dr. E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics
Chair, Urban & Environmental Policy Department
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Phone: (323) 259-2913
FAX: (323) 259-2734

Website: http://www.peterdreier.com

New book: *The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century: A Social
Justice Hall of Fame
*(*Nation Books, 2012*)*

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<http://www.kansaspress.ku.edu/drepl3.html>* (University Press of Kansas,
3rd edition, 2014) - coauthor with John Mollenkopf and Todd Swanstrom

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moral crises maintain their neutrality" - Dante

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