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Tue Sep 2 08:04:18 CDT 2014

Jeff Miller <jmiller at utica.edu>

Hello everyone!

I've just recently joined the discussion list and wanted to introduce 
myself briefly (and also ask for your help).

I'm an Associate Professor of Communication at Utica College where I 
teach courses in public speaking, journalism/media criticism, and 
communication & civic engagement (read: organizing). I also have 
experience in community, labor, and political organizing. I even ran for 
Congress in NY's 24th district back in 2004 and earned 85,000+ votes 
against a 22-year incumbent.

My current research, over the past few years, involves reconstructing 
the history of Syracuse University's Community Action Training Center 
(1964-66), recipient of the very first grant from OEO in LBJ's War on 
Poverty. The CATC was a controversial Training, Research & Demonstration 
project created and directed by Dr. Warren Haggstrom with Fred Ross, Sr. 
serving as Training Director and Saul Alinsky as paid consultant. Theirs 
is a fascinating part of organizing history (and the life stories of 
Haggstrom, Ross, and Alinsky), but one that has been almost completely 
forgotten or surrounded by myth and rumor. My plans are to have a book 
manuscript ready for publication by the end of 2015.

To do so, I could use your help. I have launched an Indiegogo campaign 
in hopes of crowd-sourcing the funds necessary for me to visit the Fred 
Ross Papers held in the archives of the library at Stanford University. 
I am confident that I will receive a small research travel grant from my 
institution, but it will cover only the cost of RT airfare or lodgings, 
but not both, and not the cost of photocopying documents in the Ross 
Papers related to the CATC.

You can help in a few ways. My campaign website can be found at:


There you can learn more about my project and, if you wish, donate or 
spread the word of my campaign via Indiegogo or other forms of social 
media. I would sincerely appreciate any and all help that you can offer. 
I am eager to dive into Stanford's archives and it would be wonderful to 
think that my colleagues helped me to get there!

I'm looking forward to future discussion on the list and getting to know 
you all, and I hope that my plea is not too forward for a newbie!

Thanks everyone...

Jeff Miller

“To show something as everyone else sees it is to have accomplished 
nothing.” V.I. Pudovkin

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