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"Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews, PICO National Network" <news at piconetwork.org>

"For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for 
your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope." – 
Jeremiah 29:11 (NRSV)


Dear Friend,

One of our most fundamental PICO principles is to regularly ask 
ourselves, "who do we love?"

I am a child of a Great Migration of African Americans from the South to 
places north and west. My family's story is one of seeking – constantly 
moving, trying to find good communities – good soil in which to grow. 
Amid our stories of triumph and success, are episodes of disappointment 
and loss. Losing my brother this past fall was a painful reminder of the 
challenge for many men in my family and community to find fertile ground 
in which they can thrive.

My son, Kenan, a high school junior, is beginning to look at colleges – 
some of which are back in the South. While my son is a young man in the 
21st century and much has changed, I'm deeply aware that he will still 
face the impact of our country's ongoing recovery from racial injustice. 
And I pray that he not wind up in a community – north, south, east or 
west – that does not see him for all of who he is – a community not 
intentional about dismantling implicit bias and racial oppression.

So this Valentines Day I'm reminded it is for the love of my son that I 
labor every day to cultivate justice and opportunity for all God's 

For most of us, it's the people and communities that we love that keep 
us in this work. As we head into Valentines Day, let's pause to reflect 
on the ones we love and the reasons we are in the struggle together.

Who do you love? Send us a photo today: share with the PICO community 
who you love and what you are fighting for. [ 

We have a bold agenda in 2014 – that all people may be seen and heard – 
that all God's children live in communities of opportunity, with futures 
filled with hope. To accomplish this, we have some big work ahead of us. 
But we do not do it alone.

Help us remind ourselves and our elected officials who we love and the 
reasons why we are fighting for change this year. With the photos you 
submit, we will be creating a photo installation at PICO's 2014 
Convocation happening at the end of the month.

[ mailto:news at piconetwork.org?subject=This%20is%20who%20I%20love! ]

So send us your photo to tell us who you love, between now and February 
18, and we will include it in an installation, displayed to inform and 
inspire PICO network directors, clergy and board chairs as they gather 
to set our course for 2014. [ 


We will also post your images online for our entire PICO community to be 
encouraged and inspired by.

So tell us, who do you love?


Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews
Director of Clergy Organizing
PICO National Network

PICO National Network, 110 Maryland Ave NE, Washington, 20002
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cities and towns through its 60 local and state federations. PICO and 
its federations are non-partisan and do not endorse or support 
candidates for office. PICO urges people of faith to consult their faith 
traditions for guidance on specific policies and legislation. Learn more 
at [ http://www.piconetwork.org ].

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