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Rosa Parks, Pete Seeger, NYC-LA Politics, Movement Building, Class Warfare

An occasional message from Peter Dreier

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*Dear Friends and Colleagues,*

*An occasional message from Peter Dreier   *

Seattle elects a gay mayor and a socialist city councilwoman, raises the
minimum wage to $15/hour, adopts paid family leave, and wins the Super
Bowl.  Coincidence?

"Anti-Redskins Logo
Watch this extraordinary commercial you didn't see on TV during the
Super Bowl. Amazing!

"Rosa Parks: Angry, Not
Rosa Parks would be 101 today. In this article for *Huffington
Post*,  I puncture the popular legend that she was a tired middle-aged
seamstress who, at the spur of the moment after a hard day at work, decided
to resist Montgomery's segregation law by refusing to move to the back of
the bus on December 1, 1955. She is typically revered as a selfless
individual who, with one spontaneous act of courage, triggered the bus
boycott and became, as she is often called, "the mother of the civil rights
movement."  In fact, Parks' defiance was not an isolated incident. It was
part of a lifelong crusade to dismantle Jim Crow. She was a veteran
activist and part of a local movement whose leaders had been waiting for
the right moment to launch a campaign against bus segregation. (You'll also
see a wonderful photograph of Parks with Pete Seeger and Martin Luther King
at the Highlander Folk School in 1957).

"Peter Seeger Brought the World Closer
My tribute to Pete, published in The Nation.  The day after Pete died
last week, I looked up his name on "Google News."  There were obits and
tributes to Pete in papers and websites from across the world, on every
continent. He was truly a world figure, loved in every corner of the globe.
Every day, every minute, someone in the world is singing a Pete Seeger song.

"Why Economic Inequality is a Winning Issue for
According to Emory U political scientist Alan Abramowitz, most
(even most Republicans) are dissatisfied with the way income and wealth are
distributed in the U.S. and they want the government to do something about
it. They want mo...ney and wealth to be more evenly distributed. Over half
of Americans favor redistributing wealth by "heavy taxes on the rich."
Americans overwhelmingly favor policies designed to help those at the
bottom of the income ladder such as raising the minimum wage and extending
long-term unemployment insurance.

"LA and New York City: Two New Mayors But Two Different
Harold Meyerson compares LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and NYC Mayor Bill de
Blasio and examines the political cultures and movements in America's two
largest cities."

"De Blasio's Team Moves to Slam Doors on Charter
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is fulfilling his campaign promise to
private charter schools.

"Pure Pete Seeger"
In these clips from interviews with Bill Moyers, Pete discusses activism,
environmentalism, music, and his hopes for a better world.

"The Power of Song: How the South Shaped Pete Seeger"
Great article by Chris Kromm about Pete from the remarkable Institute of
Southern Studies, a fantastic resource for activists

"Obama, Marx, and the Minimum
Pretty cool article in The New Yorker...The idea that raising wages
hurts the poor is old--so old that Marx interrupted work on "Das Kapital" to
refute it. Now Paul Ryan and John Boehner will start saying that the
minimum wage is a Marxist idea!

"A Surprise for New Walmart CEO in his Morning
Walmart workers ask new CEO to change the company's business

As I report in this *Huffington
Post *article, Costco treats its workers with respect and pays a living
wage. Why can't Walmart?

"Obama's Wage Promise Answers Calls of Growing
Like I've been saying, and as the *Washington
Post *confirms, organizing makes a difference!

"Family Values? US Has the World's Least Flexible
  Economist Heather Boushey explains to Josh Holland why American
workplaces are so unfriendly to families.   She says: :We are a country
that claims to value families, and yet, when you look at our policies, we
are the extreme outlier in not providing paid parental leave to workers and
their families..."

"State of the Union: An Essential Inequality
 >From Bill Moyers: Everything you need to know about economic
and how America became so divided.

"Keeping Ramon 
-- I did a bit of investigative reporting to uncover some dubious
activities by Ramon Miramontes, a former school board member in Pasadena
who has a long track record of bullying, troublesome associations, and
political self-dealing. This article was published in the *Pasadena Weekly*.

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