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From: "Pastor Michael McBride, PICO" <mmcbride at piconetwork.org>

Dear Friend,

With pain and unrest in Ferguson, gridlock on immigration reform, and 
historic inequality of wealth in America, it has never been clearer that 
in our democracy some voices are being heard and others are not. In our 
temptation to despair we remember the words of David in Psalm 28:2, 
""Hear my cry for mercy, as I call to you for help, as I lift up my 
hands toward your most holy place.""

*Next Thursday, September 4th, we will cry out and lift our hands 
together in a virtual faith summit and commission. We will share 
testimony of the pain our families face, but also the courage with which 
we are declaring that our voices will be heard in our democracy this 
fall. Will you join us?* [ 

We know that the way things are is not the way they should be. In my 
faith tradition, the Christian tradition, God promises us that we may 
have life and have it abundantly. As I've been in Ferguson, Missouri the 
last few weeks looking into the eyes of young black men Michael Brown's 
age who just want to stay alive, I am reminded that what calls us 
together across race and faith in PICO is a shared belief that every 
single child of God deserves to live a life abundant with dignity and 

This fall we are launching an unprecedented voter engagement program in 
PICO founded on that belief. It is led by African-American and Latino 
clergy and families, who are joined by people of faith from all 
backgrounds in America.

On September 4th we will raise our voices and our hands, and we will 
covenant together to reach out to over 1 million people this fall who 
might not otherwise vote. In each and every conversation with a voter we 
will say "You matter to us. Your voice matters. Your vote matters. Let 
My People VOTE!"

*Will you join us as we kick off Let My People Vote with a virtual faith 
summit and commission, next Thursday, September 4th, at 8PM Eastern 
Standard Time? Register now!* [ 

I'll be joined in this event by key allies, including Rev. William 
Barber II, President of the North Carolina NAACP and a leader in the 
Moral Mondays movement, and Rev. Gabriel Salguero, President of the 
National Latino Evangelical Coalition. We will also be joined by PICO 
clergy and lay leaders from across the country who will give testimony 
to the ways they are transforming the lives of their congregations and 
communities by affirming the humanity of all God's children and by 
saying "Let My People VOTE!"

If you would like to participate, please click the following link and 
provide us with the requested information.


On the day and time of the virtual faith summit, we will call the number 
that you provide and connect you to our telephone forum. You will then 
be able participate in a survey, ask questions and share your thoughts 
with PICO and others on the line who have elected to participate.

Click here to register for the virtual faith summit and commission [ 
]. Spread the word among partner organizations involved in GOTV work for 
the mid-term elections. Let's build power around this faith movement!

Pastor Mike

Pastor Michael McBride
Director of Urban Strategies & Lifelines to Healing
PICO National Network

PICO (People Improving Communities through Organizing) is a national 
network of faith-based community organizations working to create 
innovative solutions to problems facing urban, suburban and rural 
communities. Nonpartisan and multicultural, PICO National Network 
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faith into action.

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candidates for office. PICO urges people of faith to consult their faith 
traditions for guidance on specific policies and legislation. Learn more 
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