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Fire of Faith

Dear Randy,

Check out the "Big Picture View" in the guest editorial of yesterday’s 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (click here to read the story 
Peter Dreier and UMSL’s Todd Swanstrom lay out why suburbs like Ferguson 
are boiling over: rising poverty, racial and economic disparities, few 
elected officials from the new majority populations, limited access to 
good jobs or transportation to jobs, and zoning which limits affordable 
housing in wealthier areas.

What’s needed now is an interracial coalition of St. Louis and its 
troubled suburbs. Together, they could take important steps to bring the 
region’s low-income and working-class families into the economic and 
educational mainstream. We need local, state and federal policy reforms, 
including greater and more equal school funding, shifting funds from 
highways to public transit, regional land use planning to open up 
suburbs to workforce housing, raising federal and state minimum wages to 
help lift workers out of poverty, fix-it-first infrastructure policies 
that invest in older parts of the region before building new 
infrastructure in the outlying exurbs, job training and hiring policies 
that provide poor and minority residents with more jobs in the region’s 
infrastructure projects, as well as increasing minority representation 
among cops, firefighters, school teachers and other municipal jobs.

The Moment

We’re all looking for responses to Mike Brown’s shooting and the 
explosive events that followed. Overshadowed by stories about looting 
are the even bigger stories.

Unmatched generosity

A palpable spirit of freedom and anticipation in marches and rallies

Renewed emphasis on voter registration

Breakthrough conversations about race and racism

The Movement: One Bite at a Time

For more than 20 years, MCU has taken on big issues one piece at a time. 
The biggest opportunity to transform our community in generations could 
be overwhelming. But MCU's leaders have already been working to expand 
economic opportunities and reduce inequity.

MCU’s public meeting is set for 7 p.m. this Thursday, Aug. 28 at St. 
Alphonsus Liguori “Rock” Catholic Church, 1118 N. Grand Blvd. (doors 
open 6:30). Here's the agenda:

It’s time for Medicaid Expansion to provide access to affordable health 
care for every Missourian

Community Learning Centers can help level the playing field for all 
public school students

Every congregation can register 100% of its member s and get 100% to the 

It’s time to begin shaping the new interracial coalition and commitments 
for St. Louis, starting with the St. Louis County Executive. All 
candidates have been invited. Steve Stenger and Rick Stream have 
committed to participate. MCU and our allies will call on the next 
County Executive to lead the entire County toward our vision of a 
community undivided. We’ll challenge them to develop meaningful 
community policing, equitable hiring in police departments, and to use 
the Childrens’ Services Fund to support wrap-around services in schools.

We need you thisThursday! It may just be our most important public 
meeting ever. Stop now and ask 5 of your friends to join you on 
Thursday. Forward this email or share our Facebook event 

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