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"Pastor Michael McBride, PICO" <mmcbride at piconetwork.org>

Dear Friend,

""We are gathered here as clergy from around the country to bear witness 
that this is not a Ferguson problem. What happened to Mike Brown and 
what is happening here is an American problem,"" declared Reverend 
Heather Arcovitch, senior minister of the First Congregational UCC 
Church in Clayton, MO on Wednesday.

I joined Rev. Arcovitch and hundreds of other clergy and community 
members to pray with our feet on Wednesday evening in a pilgrimage to 
St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch's office in 
Clayton, Missouri. PICO organizations and congregations across the 
country held over 50 events in solidarity that evening.

We were there to bear witness to the fear and violence in Ferguson, and 
to declare the value of ALL life, especially Mike Brown's. We called on 
Mr. McCulloch to recuse himself from this case because of his past 
failures in performing his duties to protect low income and people of 
color in his County. He did not respond.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has the power to appoint a new prosecutor to 
this case to ensure that Michael Brown's death will be prosecuted fully, 
fairly and in a timely way.

Governor Nixon was right when he said earlier this week that the world 
is watching. Now we need him to lead.

Join us in calling on Governor Nixon to *seek true justice for the 
family of Mike Brown by appointing a special prosecutor today. * [ 

The chilling reaction of Ferguson's police and elected officials in the 
past two weeks demonstrates the desperate need for leadership, not just 
now while the cameras are on, but long after people have gone back to 
their regular lives, as the process of prosecuting this case continues.

*Call on Governor Nixon to lead and to ensure that Mike Brown's death is 
prosecuted in a full, fair, and timely way.* [ 

]* ]*

As Rev. F. Willis Johnson from Wellspring United Methodist Church in 
Ferguson said Wednesday, "Circumstances have brought us to a point where 
we can no longer be silent. We are focused on how we can get justice and 
exhibit love in the process. We've come here today to say we won't stop, 
we can't quit, we won't quit, until justice is served - and love is shared."

Thank you for standing with us.

Pastor Mike

Pastor Michael McBride
Director of Urban Strategies & Lifelines to Healing
PICO National Network


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