[COMM-ORG] Is anyone trying to actually organize in Ferguson?

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Thu Aug 21 09:04:19 CDT 2014

[ed:  thanks to Richard for the response.]

Richard Layman <rlaymandc at yahoo.com>
8/20/2014 10:52 AM
"colist at comm-org.wisc.edu" <colist at comm-org.wisc.edu>

Can't answer that question, but a published article made a similar point 
vis a vis "protest" vs. organizing.


Also an interesting article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, about 
Ferguson apartment complexes becoming loci of the extremely impoverished.

- http://seattletimes.com/html/nationworld/2024345559_fergusonhoodxml.html

Prince George's County Maryland has experienced a great deal of similar 
flows, partly in response to DC's HOPEVI program, which ended up 
displacing a lot of public housing tenants to PG County. The county's 
crime and poverty problems escalated in response.  Many years ago (they 
keep changing indexing systems so I can never find the article0, the 
suburban Gazette weeklies (www.gazette.net) did an amazing investigative 
report on the fallout.  In my own writings, I linked economic problems 
with the PG Hospital system as other fallout from the displacement.

In response, the current County Executive, Rushern Baker, created the 
"Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative" to address the problems in a 
more srategic and systematic fashion.



Note though that PG County is majority African-American and the 
governance structure, police department staffing, etc., is also majority 

Richard Layman

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