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From: "Damon Daniel, Missouri" <damon at cco.org>

Dear Friend,

I'm writing this to you from Ferguson, Missouri.

I was born and raised here in Missouri in a community almost exactly 
like Ferguson, and I work with our local PICO federation, Communities 
Creating Opportunity. Many of us from CCO have been here in Ferguson for 
nearly a week, working with the faith community and local allies, as 
well as our brothers and sisters at the PICO National Network, to bring 
a spirit of peace and healing to the young people of Ferguson. Michael 
Brown's family, the local community, and people of conscience from all 
around the world are seeking answers and justice.

Tomorrow evening, on Wednesday, August 20th, clergy and youth will march 
together to our county prosecutor's office in search of justice. But we 
know that what happened to Michael Brown could happen anywhere in 
America today.

*Will you join us by holding a public prayer service tomorrow in your 
hometown in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, and to bear witness 
to the pain that young people of color feel in your own community?* [ 

*Our public leaders have faced choices in how to respond to this tragedy*.
They chose to vilify a teenager who lay dead in the street.
They chose to antagonize a grieving and outraged community.
They chose to fire tear gas at peaceful protestors, and to attack and 
arrest journalists who were doing their job.

*But the faith community also faces a choice.*
The question we have been asking at CCO is this: As people of faith, 
what is our responsibility in this moment? How will we respond?

*Click here to join the faith community's response* [ 

The faith community is playing a vital role in Ferguson. Together we 
will confront the hard racial truths facing our society. We will 
proclaim a vision of a society with human dignity firmly at the center 
of public life, where every life matters and has worth. And we will help 
build a community response that will offer healing and justice to a 
people who desperately need both.

This has been the hardest week I've ever had in ten years of organizing.
I will be thinking about this week for the rest of my life.
I pray fervently that we are up to the challenge ahead of us.

Thank you for everything you are doing,

Damon Daniel
Regional Organizing Director
Communities Creating Opportunity


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