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IN THE NEWS <#news> |

Featured In This Issue: Airbnb's War on Affordable Housing <#1>
Poor Door Protest <#2> | RAFA March 8/20 <#3>

Monday's edition of Housing Notebook will be hosted by board member Vajra
Kilgour and will feature a special report on the "Poor Door" controversy -
including plans for a protest. Tune in tomorrow at 8pm on WBAI, 99.5FM

Airbnb continues to spend money in an assault on rent regulated housing. We
teamed up with New York Communities for Change to pen an article for the NY
Daily News <#1>.

Housing advocates are pushing the de Blasio administration to step up their
efforts on affordable housing - we sounded off in City & State

The Real Affordability for All coalition has made it tough for real estate
developers to build without committing to real affordability and union jobs

Met Council on Housing raised concerns that Astoria Cove developer, Alma 
seems to have violated the "Pay for Play" law by exceeding contribution 

The 421-a scandal is still news. NY1's Zack Fink reports on an 
and interviews our Jaron Benjamin

about the Moreland Commission fallout.

The Nation

raised the idea tax breaks for luxury condos are part of an 
international money
laundering scheme, and reached out to us for our take

Op-ed News cites Met Council on Housing research in a report about Harlem's

and its impact on elderly and low-income residents.



On Saturday, the New York Daily News published an opinion piece

penned by Met Council on Housing

Jaron Benjamin and NYCC

Jonathan Westin.

The op-ed focused on Airbnb's destructive nature and disregard for this 
historic housing crisis. Last year, the multi-million dollar tax dodging
corporation tried to gut the Illegal Hotels Law, which prevents 
landlords from
dismantling our rent regulation system by turning affordable apartment 
into hotels.

Recently, Airbnb has poured millions of dollars into an effort to 
destroy rent
regulations that safeguard what's left of our city's affordable housing. 
corporation has hired field organizers - and has even secured the 
services of
Bill Hyers

(the former de Blasio campaign manager).

This makes 2015's rent law fight even more important. Not only are we 
to renew and strengthen the rent laws, we will also face attacks to other
regulations that keep what's left of our affordable housing stock intact.

/Contact joseph at metcouncilonhousing.org 
<mailto:joseph at metcouncilonhousing.org>
or 347-409-4650 to find out how to get involved in the fight./




/**In order to involve more groups and coordinate with allies on a national
level, the Poor Door Protest (originally scheduled for August 13) has been
RESCHEDULED for later in the week. Tune into //Housing Notebook

on Monday night at 8pm for the latest developments.//**/

*A broad coalition of tenant and civil rights activists will protest
discriminatory housing practices and demand closure of the Poor Door 
this week.*

When news that city officials approved separate entrances for luxury and
affordable housing tenants became public, outrage followed. The mayor 
and other
elected officials have pledged to prevent this from happening again.

But now, small-minded people with loud mouths are defending outright 
in the newspapers and on television. They have rushed to defend Big Real
Estate's "right" to discriminate against low and moderate income people.

*We cannot afford to let these bigots make it harder for our elected 
to do the right thing.*

We'll protest the Poor Door practice and demand that immediate action is 
to ensure this never happens again.

/If you're interested in attending, //contact us at
//joseph at metcouncilonhousing.org
<mailto:joseph at metcouncilonhousing.org?subject=I%20Need%20More%20Info%20about%20the%20March> 



***HOUSING MARCH - 8/20*

On Wednesday, August 20, join thousands of housing activist, labor union 
and faith leaders to demand real affordable housing and good jobs.

This city's most devastating affordable housing crisis is getting worse. 
We need
a _real_ departure from the policies that got us here. We need to 
protect our
rent regulated tenants from illegal rent hikes, harassment, and bad 
We need pathways to permanent housing for the more than 60,000 homeless New
Yorkers (which includes at least 26,000 children). City Hall must stand 
up to
real estate developers who only want to build luxury condos, and develop 
a real
plan to improve NYCHA.

This housing crisis may be a result of Bloomberg's policies, but it's 
worse under Mayor de Blasio. This month, stand with thousands of New 
Yorkers who
demand real actions now.

*What*: March for Affordable Housing and Good Jobs
*When*: Wednesday, August 20, 4:30pm
*Where*: First Corinthian Baptist Church, 1912 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd
(7th Avenue & W 116 Street)

/For more info, contact us at //joseph at metcouncilonhousing.org
<mailto:joseph at metcouncilonhousing.org?subject=I%20Need%20More%20Info%20about%20the%20March> 



"Airbnb's Threat to Affordable Housing"

- NY Daily News (by Jaron Benjamin and Jonathan Westin)

"Advocates Push Mayor for More Affordable Housing at Astoria Cove"

- City & State

"Astoria Cove Developer Donates Above ‘Pay to Play’ Limits"
Commercial Observer

"Moreland Commission Was Looking Into Real Estate Contributions Before 
NY1/Time Warner Cable News

"Astoria Cove developers boost affordable housing to numbers cited last 

NY Daily News

"Three of Five Developers Haven’t Cashed In Controversial Tax Exemption"

Commercial Observer

"How New York Real Estate Became a Dumping Ground for the World’s Dirty 

The Nation

"Astoria Cove Developers Face Planning Commissioners’ Questions"

Commercial Observer


/The Met Council on Housing is dedicated to fighting for
safe, stable, affordable housing for more than 50 years.
Visit us on the web at www.metcouncilonhousing.org


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