[COMM-ORG] No more "COMM-ORG Papers"?

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Fri Aug 1 09:48:18 CDT 2014


Those of you who have been following the COMM-ORG papers series know 
that, over the past couple of years, the number of papers as been 
dwindling.  So far, this year, I only have one paper in the queue.

So, I have three requests of everyone.  First, I'd like to know whether 
anyone is writing anything about community organizing or things related 
(which, for me, includes grass-roots people coming together to plan, 
research, learn, create, etc.) that they would like to be part of the 

Second, and I'd like this to be a list discussion so I *will* post your 
responses unless you tell me not to, I would be interested in your 
thoughts on why there are fewer and fewer papers being sent to 
COMM-ORG.  I have a few hypotheses.  One is that I am seeing more work 
on community organizing in the mainstream journals and presses, so it 
may just be that COMM-ORG isn't needed as an outlet any more (I got 
involved in COMM-ORG in the '90s partly because of an editor who told me 
that no one was interested in reading about community organizing).  
Another is that there are more people with their own blogs, so again 
they don't need COMM-ORG.  And the scariest hypothesis, at least for me, 
is that community organizing is falling out of fashion, which I hope 
isn't true.

Third, and related, I would like your thoughts on what to do if paper 
submissions continue to decline.  My initial idea is to shift from a 
papers series to a kind of monthly featured readings series. So I would 
look at the existing publicly accessible writings and link to one each 
month. Other ideas?

Thanks everyone.

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG
rstoecker at wisc.edu

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