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Sun May 26 16:59:53 CDT 2013

From: Eddie Carmona <news at piconetwork.org>

Campaign for Citizenship
Take Action!
Supporter -- Awesome news:

Last night, because of all your hard work, prayers, petitions,
and vigils -- PICO helped make history.

We won an improvement we were pushing for -- allowing
people to pay fines in installments instead of all at once --
which means it will be easier for low-wage immigrant workers
to get on the path to citizenship. And the Senate Judiciary
Committee voted 13 to 5 in favor of sending an immigration
bill to the full Senate.

We broke out in applause and chanted, &quot;Yes we can! Si se
puede!&quot; and Chairman Leahy called us up for photos and

It was an emotional experience to be one step closer to the
dream of security for so many PICO leaders and families
across the country -- you've got to see this video, and
then join me in thanking the Senate Judiciary Committee
for doing the right thing:


For the past three weeks, I've been in the room watching
senators debate immigration reform along with 150 other
PICO leaders who've rotated in and out of Washington, D.C.
to maintain a constant vigil in the hearing room.

Each day before senators began their work, 20 of us stood
up and prayed for them to act with wisdom and courage.
We've stayed in the room from morning till night, tweeting,
Facebooking, and cornering senators and their staff to lobby
on amendments. In the month of May, senators and their
staff saw us around every corner, talked to us daily, and
recognized our white shirts. Chairman Leahy called us up
because he and his staff told us, &quot;These people are committed&quot;
to seeing this thing all the way through.

Each senator made their own decision on how to vote on
amendments and the final bill. But we have faith that our
prayers and presence in the room made a difference. Many
people who attended the hearings and staff who work for
senators told us that having immigrant families and faith
leaders present during every hour of the debate helped
create a respectful atmosphere. Our faces helped remind
senators of the human and moral consequences of their

We're all going into the next phase in this process with a
sense of power.

We put the Campaign for Citizenship on the map with
senators and showed that we can have an impact in D.C.

Watch this video, thank the Senate Judiciary Committee,
and then please share this page on Facebook and Twitter
and ask your friends and family to join you:


This fight isn't over and there's a lot more to do, but for
now, let's celebrate and give thanks.

Si se puede,


Eddie Carmona
Campaign Manager
Campaign for Citizenship
PICO National Network

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