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From: Harold Simon <hsimon at nhi.org>

Hi James and all,

Another organization that started post NCCED is the National Alliance of 
Community Economic Development Associations (naceda.org) in DC. As their 
name suggests, they are an association of state, regional and citywide 
CDC associations. They did a census and couple of years ago using a 
model similar to NCCED's. I don't know if the have exactly what you're 
looking for, but their ED Frank Woodruff (copied) is very knowledgable 
about the state of the field and really has his finger on the issues 
affecting it.

As you know, we're going to be publishing a focus issue on CDCs in a few 
weeks that could probably lead you to some good resources. Stay tuned.




From: "Silverman, Robert" <rms35 at buffalo.edu>


Attached is a methodology that Sheryl Romeo and Linda Lampkin came up 
with for identifying CDCs using IRS 990 data. I believe they did it 
about 10 years ago and identified about 5000 organizations. It could 
probably be replicated and the use of the IRS data with the new 990 
forms could also add insights related to the size and capacity of CDCs.


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> from: James DeFilippis <jdefilip at rutgers.edu>
> hi all,
> Has anyone seen a recent -- that is post-crisis/recession -- survey of
> the universe of CDCs.  The most recent one I had seen was from the
> NCCED, but they don't exist anymore (not sure what the story with that
>  was...).  Anyway, I imagine we've lost a bunch of CDCs in the
>  recession, but would be curious to know if anybody has measured this.
> Thanks, James
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