[COMM-ORG] Neighborhoods USA conference - In Minneapolis May 22-25

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Tue May 14 13:31:34 CDT 2013

Neighborhoods USA conference - In Minneapolis May 22-25 - Must register 
in next ~48 hours.
From: Steven Clift <slc at publicus.net>

This a great opportunity for folks to learn about all sorts of ways to
improve our neighborhoods. - Steve


"NUSA’s annual conference provides attendees with opportunities to:
celebrate neighborhood successes, network and share experiences with
neighborhood leaders and volunteers from across the United States and
internationally, and attend workshops to discuss neighborhood concerns
and learn about neighborhood best practices. This year’s conference
theme “Better Together – Strong Neighborhoods, Strong City” resonates
throughout the conference."

"Workshop tracks focus on information to help build strong
neighborhoods by : developing action steps for sustainability, using
collaborative partnerships that reshape neighborhood success, building
a creative economy, forging safe and prepared communities, pursuing
healthier lifestyles, partnering with youth to expand leadership,
redefining neighborhood stabilization, organizing for social justice
and change, and creating community media."

If you decide to attend, check out E-Democracy's BeNeighbors.org session:

* Connecting Neighbors with Social Media
Friday 11:15p.m. – 12:30p.m.

Discover strategies and tools for connecting neighbors online for
community engagement with inclusion.

After introducing Facebook Pages and e-mail newsletters for
neighborhood associations this session will go in-depth with
engagement best practices from E-Democracy.org’s real world experience
with over 50 many-to-many online Neighbors Forums:

Presenter: Steven Clift, Executive Director, E-Democracy.org, 
Minneapolis, MN

Can't make it to NUSA? You can also look at past slides and listen to
a presentation from San Francisco:
(When you hit the introductions mid-presentation, fast forward to
52:20 to skip them.)

Or sign-up for a future webinar:

Also see:
http://e-democracy.org/virtualbooth - short video
http://bitly.com/pewcivic - numbers on civic digital divide

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