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Sun Jun 30 09:28:19 CDT 2013

Hi COMM-ORG and others,

Are you writing about community organizing or one of its related 
fields?  If so, I invite you to submit your writing for Volume 19 of the 
COMM-ORG papers collection.

All you have to do is send me a word processed version of the paper (no 
pdfs please) to me, Randy Stoecker, at rstoecker at wisc.edu. There is no 
deadline, but to be part of the 2013 volume I would need your paper by 
early November.  All papers are announced on the COMM-ORG list-serv, 
reaching some 1,100 people.

The COMM-ORG papers process is author-centered and papers are not 
peer-reviewed.  As long as the paper falls within the broad theme of 
community organizing, all I do is negotiate copy-editing with authors 
and then put the papers into a basic design template ( there is no 
specified referencing format).  I may make suggestions about 
readability, but it is up to authors whether they want to follow those 
suggestions.  So you don't have to worry about trying to satisfy 
multiple anonymous critics.  Instead, I encourage readers to send 
comments to authors and you are free to revise your papers based on 
reader reactions even after I post them.  Papers are living, breathing 
things on COMM-ORG and authors retain copyright.

Consequently, some of the papers are scholarly, some are political, some 
are training manuals, and some are good organizing stories. Papers are 
written by practitioners, academics, students, and others.  Some papers 
are very short and there are even a couple book-length manuscripts.  The 
collection is purposefully eclectic.

How do you decide if your writing is right for COMM-ORG?  You can see 
the papers collection at http://comm-org.wisc.edu/co/?q=node/4 to see 
the variety of topics and styles.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing your writing.  Please feel 
welcomed to pass this call along to others you think may be interested.

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG
rstoecker at wisc.edu

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