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**Foundation Official Offers Details on Gun Control Grantmaking**

A recent 2025 Network for Black Men & Boys webinar offers insights on
ways **FAM** readers can get involved in two current hot topics: (1) gun
control and (2) black men/boys achievement.

The network's event specifically focuses on one of its signature goals
to control the gun violence situation among low-income black male
populations. Nina Vinik, program director for the Joyce Foundation, says
congressional gun control debate is not over after a bipartisan measure
(S 649) failed in the Senate earlier this year.

She points out public policy advocacy, the main focus of her
foundation's grantmaking, is working, with Senate Majority Leader Harry
Reid (D-NV) considering resurrecting the issue after the current
immigration reform debate.

Public opinion may result in eventual passage of the measure, if it is
reintroduced. Several senators who voted against the bill, including
Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), have seen their
approval ratings plummet amid public outcry, she says.

Additionally, House leaders may currently be stalling on their version,
but the number of co-sponsors continues to grow for a bipartisan bill
offered by Reps. Pete King (R-NY) and Mike Thompson (D-CA), Vinik says.

The Joyce Foundation provides grants in several categories, including
gun control prevention. Its gun control grants support local, state,
regional and national projects to advance state-based policy, grassroots
organizing, build coalitions and encourage research.

She says successful community coalitions should be all-encompassing,
including faith based organizations, law enforcement and gun violence
survivors. Research is an important component of the foundation's gun
control efforts. It really focuses on building a wealth of research to
support gun policy reform and to ensure powerful messaging, Vinik says.

While the majority of the foundation's funding (education, workforce,
arts) focuses on the Great Lakes region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,
Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin), gun control efforts in other states are
considered. The foundation annually has five "letter of intent”
deadlines, with the next one on Oct. 24. Additional information on the
foundation's grantmaking is available at:

****Advocate calls for targeted funding attention****

Rhonda Bryant, CLASP senior policy analyst, says the best solution to
the problem of gun violence among black men and boys is "to transform
communities of concentrated poverty into places that support the healthy
development of young black males.” CLASP is a policy advocacy group
for low-income populations.

She says this requires targeted investments to ensure black men and boys
receive the proper cognitive, physical, social/emotional, cultural and
vocational development.

**Analysis:** In view of anemic congressional action, many foundations
and associations, including the Joyce Foundation, are offering
assistance for black men and boys achievement. For instance, the Nat'l
League of Cities' Institute for Youth, Education & Families and the Open
Society Foundations' Campaign for Black Male Achievement have joined
forces on the City Leadership to Promote Black Male Achievement Program.
Through this new initiative, NLC will provide in-depth assistance to
cities to develop comprehensive local agendas for reducing disparities
between black males and their peers and engaging black male youth in
local government and the community. Recent **FAM** stories offer more
details on ongoing efforts at: 
(NLC) and 
(Open Society).

**Info:** For more on the webinar:


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