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From: "Eddie Carmona, PICO" <news at piconetwork.org>

Campaign for Citizenship
Take Action!
Supporter --

Today, 68 U.S. Senators chose to stand with our immigrant families.

They demonstrated solidarity with our values as Americans and people of 
faith by voting in favor of an immigration reform bill that, while 
flawed, still contains a path to citizenship for millions of aspiring 

Our collective power at the voting booth last fall, combined with your 
work and the work of so many others in our movement, made this victory 
possible. Together we were able to make concrete improvements in the 
bill and stop amendments that would have gutted the path to citizenship.

This is a huge first step -- and we're going to keep organizing until 
that bill is on the President's desk.

Add your name to say you're standing up for a path to citizenship, and 
then pass this message along to 10 friends and family and ask them to 
join you and be part of the Campaign for Citizenship:


We also know that our work has only begun.

In the last few weeks, we've gotten a glimpse of what's to come as the 
House of Representatives takes up this debate, as special interests were 
able to get tens of billions of dollars to further militarize our 
borders and increase domestic enforcement and deportation programs. Now 
those same interests are gearing up to fight in the House, where a real 
path to citizenship faces extraordinary opposition.

This summer and fall, we need our Members of Congress to understand that 
they face a clear choice about who we are as Americans. Will we succumb 
to fear, increasingly militarize our border communities and tear parents 
from their children? Or will we invest in the hopes, the dreams, and the 
God-given dignity of millions of hardworking families in our own 
communities by creating an earned path to citizenship?

We need to be honest with ourselves: It's going to take at least 10 
times the effort we've already put forward just to protect what we've 
won so far.

Will you forward this email and invite 10 more people to join with us 
for a strong, broad path to citizenship?


Today, historic legislation passed the Senate with overwhelming 
bipartisan support. Now it's up to the House of Representatives to act.

This could be the year for just immigration reform, but only if we give 
it our all.

Thanks for everything you've done so far and for your commitment to the 
promise of America.


Eddie Carmona
Campaign Manager
Campaign for Citizenship
PICO National Network

PICO National Network, 110 Maryland Ave NE, Washington, 20002
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