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From: "Real Rent Reform" <organizing at realrentreform.org>



On Saturday, June 15, the Real Rent Reform Campaign has launched a massive
outreach initiative across the city, focusing on areas with high 
of rent-regulated tenants. In exactly two years, the rent 
laws-responsible for
protecting tenants and regulating rents-will expire.

Simply renewing the rent laws will not be enough. We must strengthen and 
them, or rent regulation will suffer a slow death and only the super 
rich will
be able to live in New York City.

That's why we must organize, fundraise and mobilize *now.*

Contact organizing at realrentreform.org 
<mailto:organizing at realrentreform.org> for
posters, fliers and other materials that we'll need to rally the troops to
defeat the Landlords.
Visit the launch site here


/339 Lafayette Street #301
New York, NY 10012
United States/

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