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From:     Mark Warren <Mark.Warren at umb.edu>

       URBAN Events at the American Sociological Association

2013 Meeting

The ASA node of the Urban Research Based Action Network (URBAN) has 
planned a series of activities to advance collaborative, community-based 
research at the upcoming ASA meeting in August. Please join us!

Organizational meeting

Saturday, August 10th 6:30-7:30pm Conference Room D Sheraton Hotel & Towers

Please join colleagues for a discussion of how to promote and support 
community-based research among sociologists. This will be a chance to 
meet and connect with like-minded colleagues and plan concrete 
activities that the ASA URBAN node can do in the coming year.

Section on Political Sociology Session: Interactive Workshop on Media 
and Politics in the School Reform Movement

Monday August 12th 2:30-4:10pm (please check online system for room 

Across the U.S., parents, community leaders, students, and teachers are 
strategizing how to ensure high quality public education in the face of 
corporate-driven school reform campaigns.  This session will engage 
sociologists with invited parents, students and community leaders; it 
will practice an alliance-building method from the Grassroots Roots 
Policy. More information from gamson at bc.edu or charlotte_ryan at uml.edu

Pre-session reading packet will be posted on the Movement and Media 
Research Action Project website after July 1st. www.mrap.info.

Section on Sociological Practice and Public Sociology Roundtables

Tuesday August 13th 2:30-3:30pm (please check online system for room 

Please attend one of five roundtables we have organized with the section 
to bring sociologists together around issue areas for facilitated 
conversation about ongoing and potential collaborative research:

·         Educational Leadership, Research, Policy and Change. Chair: 
John Diamond

·         Community Based Research as a Teaching Tool. Chair; Susan Ambler

·         Cities and the Environment. Chair: Daina Cheyenne Harvey

·         Immigration Policy, Undocumented Immigrants, and 
Local/National Action: Documenting the Undocumented. Chair: Tom Pineros 

Note: these are NOT paper presentation roundtables. They are spaces to 
discuss ongoing research and possibilities for supporting collaborative 
research going forward.

ASA URBAN planning team:

Mark R. Warren, University of Mass. Boston & Jose Calderon, Pitzer 
College, Co-chairs

John Diamond, Univ of Wisconsin Madison   Kerry Strand, Hood College

Philip Nyden, Loyola University Chicago        Dave Overfelt, Rochester 
Inst. of Tech.

Gregory Squires, GWU                                    Susan Ambler, 
Maryville College

Tom Pineros Shields, Brandeis University       Deirdre Tyler, Salt Lake 
Comm College

Rogelio Saenz, UT San Antonio                      William Gamson, 
Boston College

Hilario Molina, Earlham College                      Tiffany Chenault, 
Salem State University
Eric Tesdahl, Vanderbilt University                 Patricia Herzog, 
Rice University


URBAN is an emerging multidisciplinary network of scholars and community 
activists created to foster collaborative, community-based research that 
is relevant to pressing issues facing communities and that can support 
action initiatives. URBAN seeks to support and advance this type of 
engaged scholarship within academia. It has local nodes in Boston, New 
York, Los Angeles and Northern California. It has national, disciplinary 
nodes in sociology, among education researchers and an emerging node 
among community psychologists.

More information on URBAN at: 

To sign up for the ASA URBAN email list: please email: 
urban_ASA at lists.brandeis.edu

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