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Abe Scarr <abe at connpirg.org>

WISPIRG Fellowship Program: 2013-2015 Job Description

 From the U.S. Congress down to city halls, everywhere important 
decisions are being made, powerful interests are pushing for laws and 
policies that are not in line with the public interest. As a WISPIRG 
fellow, you will stand up to powerful interests like Wall Street 
lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies as you work to win concrete 
results for consumers. You'll work closely with experienced advocates 
and organizers, and you'll learn to make the case for reform through 
targeted research, coalition building, outreach to citizen activists and 
the media, and direct lobbying of decision-makers.

As a fellow, you might work on transportation, food safety, government 
aid to education, toxic pollution cleanup, money in politics, voting 
reform and more. Through the course of the two-year fellowship, you will 
get the skills, experience and training necessary to be a leader in the 
social change movement.

*Responsibilities include: *

·Developing issue expertise through research and report writing

·Planning campaigns and developing strategies to win

·Building and demonstrating public support through media events and by 
working with activists and like-minded organizations

·Making the case to decision-makers in one-on-one meetings and through 
legislative testimony

·Building your program through fundraising

·Building the organizationby canvassing for portions of the year, in 
addition to running a citizen outreach office in the summer months

*Qualifications: *

·Strong work ethic

·Outstanding verbal and written communication

·Proven leadership skills

·Strong commitment to getting results

·Passion for social change

·We value experience with campus groups or student government and 
academic achievement

*Training & Experience*

Fellows participate in regional and national trainings throughout the 
year.Training includes fieldwork with experienced WISPIRG staff and a 
classroom training of lectures, briefings, discussions and role-plays. 
Throughout the year you gain valuable skills and hands-on experience.

*Salary & Benefits*

In an entry level position, you will earn $24,000 over the course of 
your first year with WISPIRG. Salary for experienced candidates is 
commensurate with relevant professional experience. In addition, 
full-time staff can opt in to our state health care coverage, are 
eligible for paid sick days and vacation days, can apply for our college 
loan assistance program, and are also eligible to join our 401(k) 
program in their second year.


Madison, WI

*Find out more*

Watch profiles of our staff and find out more information at 
*_JOBS.uspirg.org_*.If you have any questions you can contact Sarah 
Mitnick, U.S.PIRG Recruitment Director at 617-747-4370 or 
smitnick at pirg.org <mailto:smitnick at pirg.org>

*How To Apply*

Apply online at *_wispirg.org/apply_*

/WISPIRG is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate 
against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, 
color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, handicap, 
pregnancy, sexual orientation, or veteran status./

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