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From: Erica Schwarz <erica at watchcdc.org>

WATCH is an organization grounded in community organizing - and we're 
seeking our next Executive Director. Maybe someone on this list will be 
just the right person!

Executive Director sought for WATCH CDC,

a Small, Urban Community Development Corporation

The Board of Directors of WATCH CDC is seeking an Executive Director who 
will manage and expand the organization’s $220,000 annual budget while 
managing a staff of 3 employees and a larger number of volunteers.

The best candidate will have demonstrated success and experience in 
fundraising, organizational development, financial management, and 
running effective programs. The successful candidate will be able to 
successfully align diverse populations and forces within the community 
to better achieve the organization’s goals.

We seek someone who has been in an Executive or Managerial position for 
at least 2 years, who is familiar with the community development field, 
who has worked with low-income and/or immigrant communities and who has 
worked at organizations focused on power building and leadership 
development. Ability to communicate in Spanish is preferred.

A successful candidate will be able to independently increase WATCH’s 
grant income, work effectively with minimal support staff and a small 
budget, strengthen challenged relations with City Hall, expand and 
strengthen programs and outreach, and work collaboratively with a 
diverse, community-based board.

Please see the complete job description at www.watchcdc.org/jobs
Erica Schwarz
Executive Director
WATCH Community Development Corporation
517 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453

Ph: 781-891-6689 x200
Fx: 781-891-1703


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