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Organized Parents,
Organized Teachers

January 24, 2013

Current national and local education policies often pit teachers and
parents against each other, trapping them in a cycle of blame and mistrust.
But in one Minneapolis community, parents and teachers decided to work
together to make their schools better – with great results. *Organized
Parents, Organized Teachers* <http://www.realparentpower.com/> is a short
film that tells their story.
[image: Organized Parents, Organized teachers]<http://realparentpower.com/>
Produced by the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, this 5-minute film
features Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change
a Twin Cities-based parent and community organizing group that recently
joined forces with the Minneapolis Federation of
Teachers<http://www.mft59.org/> and
other community and alumni organizations to stop the closure of a local
high school and improve the quality of schools in their neighborhood.

[image: Watch the video] <http://realparentpower.com/> To watch the film
and get related resources on parent-teacher collaboration, please visit

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