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New Report!

Vision for Change: A New Wave of Social Justice Leadership

This report details the specific findings of our conversations with 
seventeen US social justice leaders under 40 who serve as the executive 
director or co-director of an organization. Our goal was to learn more 
about the experiences of younger leaders committed to large-scale 
change. It was clear from the interviews that they are driven by their 
commitment to their organizations, and wanted to contribute to a larger 
movement for social change. Yet, they face big challenges that shed 
light on the changing landscape of the movement and on the 
infrastructure that's needed to create sustainable managers, 
organizations, and networks for years to come. This report focuses on 
what it takes for these leaders to do their jobs and makes 
recommendations for concrete change that will support their visions, and 
help to build a stronger progressive infrastructure for all 
stakeholders.  Read more [http://www.buildingmovement.org/news/entry/340]

Happy Holidays from BMP

In 2012, we at the Building Movement Project have worked across the 
country from California where Kim Klein and CompassPoint developed 
Talking About Taxes [http://nonprofitstalkingtaxes.org/], to Detroit 
where residents are  finding their voice 
[http://www.buildingmovementdetroit.org/] dealing with issues ranging 
from neighborhood blight to city transportation. We produced several 
reports ranging from our newest highlighted above about new leadership 
to  The New Lifecycle of Work 
[http://www.buildingmovement.org/news/entry/317] for older leaders 
thinking about when to exit their positions.

As we come to the end of the year, your support can help ensure that we 
can bring these resources and tools to other communities across the 
country. Please consider donating to the Building Movement Project this 
year so we can continue this work, and we thank you for all that you do.

All news [http://www.buildingmovement.org/news]


The Building Movement Project Team and Staff 

Linda Campbell
Helen Kim
Kim Klein
Aurea Montes-Rodriguez
Sean Thomas-Breitfeld

Frances Kunreuther
Caroline McAndrews
Caitlin Endyke


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