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[ed: please contact Brendan directly at the address below to respond to 
this query.]

From: "Brendan Saunders" <brendan at interfaithhousingcenter.org>

I have been working with the residents of Sunset Village, a manufactured 
housing community (Mobile Home Community) for the past almost five 
years. I have worked to organize the residents, form an association, 
etc. I believe I may have sent information on the list-serve in the 
past. We originally organized around the poor management and this has 
evolved. In the past two years the property has gone from filing for 
bankruptcy to a pending foreclosure and receivership. The Residents’ 
Association has reached the point of putting in an offer to purchase the 
community. (A little editorial, I am so proud of this group, they have 
organized and put in an offer to buy the community to preserve it and 
retain its affordability.)

The offer by the residents has not been rejected, nor has it been 
accepted by the note holders Lincoln Financial Group. We assume that LFG 
is holding out for more money. As a collective group we are looking for 
connections to LFG. I am listing the names of the board of directors and 
executive team to see if we have any connections. One of the board 
member for LFG is also part of the Urban Land Institute.

The board includes:

· William J. Avery

· William H. Cunningham

· Dennis R. Glass

· George W. Henderson III

· Eric G. Johnson

· Gary C. Kelly

· M. Leanne Lachman

· Michael F. Mee

· William Porter Payne

· Patrick S. Pittard

· Isaiah Tidwell


The executives are:

· Dennis R. Glass
President & Chief Executive Officer

· Lisa M. Buckingham
Chief Human Resources Officer

· Adam G. Ciongoli
General Counsel

· Charles C. Cornelio
Retirement Plan Services

· Robert W. Dineen
Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.
Lincoln Financial Securities Corp.

· Randal J. Freitag
Chief Financial Officer

· Will H. Fuller
Lincoln Financial Distributors

· Mark E. Konen
Insurance and Retirement Solutions


We are trying to put pressure on this group to accept the offer. If you 
have any connections to these people, please let me know. We are asking 
far and wide for connections and will be working with our elected 
officials (Dick Durbin, Mark Kirk, Robert Dold and others) to make this 
deal happen. The residents want to remain and want to own this park. 
They can do this and we need help. If you have any connections in any 
way to the people listed please let me know.

I am giving my permission to copy and paste this email and my 
information to other list-serves.

Thank you in advance for all of your help.

Brendan Saunders

Director of Advocacy and Organizing

Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs

614 Lincoln Ave.

Winnetka, IL 60093

847.501.4352 x 402

847.501.5722 (fax)


“The area’s premier advocate for fair and affordable housing”

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