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Thu May 24 19:52:40 CDT 2012

From: Aaron Schutz <schutz at uwm.edu>

Collective Action for Social Change: An Introduction to Community 
Organizing, by Aaron Schutz and Marie Sandy (Palgrave, 2011) is now 
available in paperback (we can finally afford to purchase our own book):


"Schutz and Sandy provide an engaging overview of community organizing 
in the Saul Alinsky tradition from an organizer’s perspective. Clear and 
comprehensive, their book shows us how organizers develop skilled 
leaders, build powerful organizations, and help revitalize American 
democracy." - David Walls, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Sonoma State 

"A commendable text that challenges students to look beyond the ‘how to’ 
of organizing to the far more difficult task of ‘how to think’ about 
organizing." - Mike Miller, veteran community organizer and author of 
Community Organizing: A Brief Introduction (http://amzn.to/IzN2C7)

"In accessible language and with compelling examples, Schutz and Sandy 
explain the why of organizing - why we recruit new leaders, why we build 
power, and why we pick fights. As new media technology expands the tools 
for organizing, clarity about the why is more critical than ever. A 
must-read for anyone interested in building an inclusive, compassionate, 
and equitable society." - Rinku Sen, President and Executive Director of 
the Applied Research Center (ARC) and publisher of ColorLines.com

The paperback edition allowed us to make a few corrections (most 
importantly, changing an incorrect definition of power) and add text in 
response to comments from readers.


1) Mike Miller's _Community Organizing: A Brief Introduction_, the best 
introduction I know of to faith-based organizing, is back up for good 
after a brief hiatus for minor repairs (ebook: http://amzn.to/I3sf7g 
print: http://amzn.to/IzN2C7).

2) Just for fun, if anyone is interested, my book of previously 
published speculative fiction short stories, _The League of Almost Super 
Heroes_ is also available: (ebook: http://amzn.to/KsNopJ; print: 

3) Finally, Mike Miller and I are working on a book combining mostly 
unpublished classic works on organizing with a history of organizing 
from Back of the Yards to about 1980, which we hope will be available 
sometime in 2013. That book is tentatively titled: _People Power: 
Classic Works in the Alinsky Organizing Tradition_. We are close to a 
final table of contents, but any suggestions are welcomed.

Aaron Schutz
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