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From:     Brittany Stanley <brittany at nhi.org>

Check out the latest issue of Shelterforce: Capital Markets and
Neighborhood Stabilization--www.shelterforce.org

Capital Markets and Neighborhood Stabilization, By Miriam Axel-Lute.
How private capital can be used in neighborhood stabilization--http://shelterforce.org/article/2632/capital_markets_neighborhood_stabilization/

Shelterforce Interview with Ron Faris, Ocwen CEO, Interviewed By
Harold Simon. Faris debunks myth that PSAs prevent principal

Going Upstream, By Miriam Axel-Lute. Note purchases and Short Sale

The Hard Part, By Miriam Axel-Lute and Matthew Brian Hersh. How to
reclaim REO at a scale that will protect neighborhoods--http://www.shelterforce.org/article/2639/the_hard_part/

Relaxing the Credit Crunch, By Matt Chapuran. Housing activists and
community lenders argue for other ways to evaluate credit risk--http://www.shelterforce.org/article/2646/relaxing_the_credit_crunch/

Stabilizing Urban Neighborhoods: Q&A with Elyse Cherry, By Miriam Axel-
Lute. Boston Community Capital's SUN program: How is it working and
what's next? http://www.shelterforce.org/article/2635/stabilizing_urban_neighborhoods_qa_with_elyse_cherry/

DIstressed Mortgages for Sale, By George Ostendorf. With pools of
distressed loans being sold, there's a market ripe for partnership
with neighborhood stabilization actors. http://www.shelterforce.org/article/2633/distressed_mortgages_for_sale/

Tackling the Challenge of Scattered-Site Rentals, By Kat Aaron. How
have non-profit housing groups made scattered-site rentals work? http://www.shelterforce.org/article/2640/tackling_the_challenge_of_scattered-site_rentals/

A Blueprint for Responsible Homeownership, By Judy Jacobson. In
Massachusetts, the SoftSecond Loan Program extends credit to low-
income first-time homebuyers. http://www.shelterforce.org/article/2642/a_blueprint_for_responsible_homeownership/



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