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"Wesley Aten, Tenants and Workers United" <info at TenantsAndWorkers.org>

More than 2000 families in Alexandria are fighting to protect their 
homes from destruction.

    Dear TWU Supporter:

For decades, thousands of working class families -- African American, 
Latino, Asian and African -- have raised children, worked and played in 
Alexandria's Beauregard neighborhood. This vibrant community is one of 
Alexandria's most diverse --70% people of color -- and it holds 40% of 
the TOTAL City's market-rate affordable apartments.

     Six years ago, multi-billion dollar JBG Company bought 2,500 of 
these units -- home to nearly 10,000 people. JBG soon increased rents 
and utilities for many residents. Fellow Alexandrians who build the city 
and provide the services that allow it run -- construction workers, 
housekeepers, taxi drivers, janitors, clerks, nursing aides -- are being 
driven from their homes.

     In May of this year, the City Council approved a  JBG and four 
other companies to destroy family homes and replace them with luxury 
apartments and hotels. A mere 12% of the apartments would be kept 
affordable. This plan continues the trend of rising rents, expensive 
condos, and the massive displacement of working people and people of 
color from Alexandria.

Tenants are joining together to say "Enough is enough!"  We want 
redevelopment to preserve and benefit our community. We are calling on 
Alexandria City Council members and the JBG Companies to do the right thing:

                     Restore affordable rents!  Allow Tenants to Stay in 
Their Community!

                   Ensure current residents have affordable homes in the 
new development!

Join with us we fight to stay in our city and defend Alexandria's most 
diverse neighborhood!

Great coverage in the media:

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