[COMM-ORG] Campaign Victory: Housing Trust Fund in San Francisco

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Mon Dec 17 14:16:45 CST 2012

James Tracy <jamestracysf at gmail.com>

This past election day, November 6th, a citywide coalition of
community and labor groups won a local Housing Trust Fund for San
Francisco. This fund will create truly affordable housing here for the
next thirty years, as well as the good paying jobs that go along with
it. This report by veteran organizer Calvin Welch details the campaign
victory, and deals honestly with the tough choices and compromises we
had to make along the way. There is a lot of SF centric terminology in
it, but I think most of it will be of interest to many on this list.
Contact me directly if you have any particular questions about it.

One of the best parts of this victory, and the one that keeps me
coming to work, is the role of formerly homeless people in the
leadership of this struggle. Our organization, Community Housing
Partnership (www.chp-sf.org) involved about four dozen residents in
various capacities in the campaign--including areas usually left to
paid staff such as strategic communications. IT was very moving to see
people clearly articulate that they were volunteering on the campaign
to, as one leader Roylean Mixon said "Get other people out of
homelessness. I know what it's like to have to deal with shelters. I
want everyone to be able to move into a home." While self-interest is
of course important, it's was great to see so many people like Roylean
identify solidarity with others as part of her self-interest.

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