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[ed: I am still beyond words at yet another bloodbath from guns, this 
time targeting children. But I also cannot let this go unnoticed on 
COMM-ORG. This was a tragedy that occurred in a community. It is a 
tragedy that resulted from the craziness of a more than 30 year history 
of misinformed policies that have turned us into an ugly devolved 
nation. It will require organizing not just against guns, but against 
state and federal policies that promote a culture of violence, hatred, 
exclusion, oppression, and exploitation. May we be strong enough to 
engage the struggle for and with all children. This message is from 
PICO. It will certainly not be the last word from those doing the brave 
work of community organizing.]

From: "Michael McBride, PICO National Network" <news at piconetwork.org>

Dear Supporter,

As a pastor, I've comforted grieving parents in hospitals, morgues and 
at gravesides. I can imagine the grief that is happening in Newtown. 
People of faith across the country are praying for the families of those 
who lost their lives Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

But I want to humbly offer that praying is not enough.

We must turn our prayers, grief and outrage into action. And it starts 
tonight. With you.

There are two steps that President Obama could take to reduce the deadly 
toll of gun violence in America: Renew the assault weapons ban and 
require background checks for all gun buyers.

We know that the majority of Americans support these sensible proposals. 
And the President needs to hear that directly from you.

*Click here to tell the President to send legislation to Congress to 
renew the ban on assault weapons and to require all gun buyers to 
undergo an immediate background check.* [ 
http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/2115/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=9097 ]

There are those who will say it's too early to talk about policy. But as 
I think on the pain in Newtown, I know it's not too early. It's never 
too early to take steps to prevent this horror from happening again.

Please join me and people of faith from across the country in calling on 
President Obama to do the right thing. Ask him to take swift and sure 
action to prevent the carnage of Sandy Hook from happening again.

With faith and hope,

Rev. Michael McBride,
Lifelines to Healing Campaign
PICO National Network

P.S. An outpouring of support from people of faith calling for these two 
steps could make the difference between action that happens this week – 
or never. *Please send your message to President Obama [ 
]* and then, forward this on to friends and family and urge them to take 
action, too.


PICO National Network, 110 Maryland Ave NE, Washington, 20002
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