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Sorry all, the Shear and Fisk paper was the wrong paper. If you 
downloaded it, please delete it. I will have the new version up soon.


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> Hello COMM-ORG,
> The COMM-ORG 2012 papers are up and ready to be viewed. This year's 
> papers include:
> Drick Boyd, Under the Radar: Popular Education in North America
> A White Paper
> Marcela Salas Cassani; Radio Regeneracion, Reports from Planet Earth: 
> Anti-Systemic Movements 2011
> Jessica R. Dreistadt, Interfaith Social Justice Coalitions and The 
> Faith at Work Movement
> Jessica R. Dreistadt, Transforming Organizations and Communities 
> through Appreciative Inquiry
> Rabbi Moshe ben Asher, Organizing Participants Using Flyers and 
> One-to-Ones
> Boone Shear and Tim Fisk, Organizing for a New Economy
> You can find all the papers available on the COMM-ORG Papers site at 
> http://comm-org.wisc.edu/co/?q=node/4
> Thanks, as always, to the authors for their contributions.
> Randy Stoecker
> moderator/editor, COMM-ORG
> rstoecker at wisc.edu
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