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"Tim Lilienthal, PICO National Network" <news at piconetwork.org>

Friend -

There are nearly 16 million homeowners across the country fighting to 
stay afloat every single day. They are our neighbors, friends and family 
– our community – and they are underwater.

Wall Street was bailed out after crashing our economy . And now they are 
pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the 2012 election season, 
trying to drown out our voices. That's why PICO National Network and The 
New Bottom Line have teamed up with homeowners in the states that have 
been hit the hardest by the housing crisis to show the power of our votes.

With less than 80 days away from the election, we face a unique moment 
in time. We have an opportunity to stand up for underwater homeowners 
across America – and in so doing, fix the housing crisis and save the 

This week we are launching *HOME IS WHERE THE VOTE IS*, a campaign 
urging President Obama and Governor Romney, as well as other elected 
officials and candidates running for office this fall, to address this 
issue and provide the bold solutions needed to save our neighbors, 
friends and families.

We need your help. More than ever before. And we need it now.

Join us at www.HomeIsWhereTheVoteIs.com, hear stories from underwater 
homeowners – and voters, *sign the petition urging the candidates to 
take action* [ http://www.homeiswherethevoteis.com/petition ] and share 
your own story. Together we can generate a groundswell of attention to 
this key issue. Together, we can win.
Will you take a stand and help lift up the voices of underwater 
homeowners everywhere?* Tell the candidates fix the housing crisis and 
save the economy. Tell them we can't afford to wait:

*Sign the petition:* http://www.homeiswherethevoteis.com/petition [ 
http://www.homeiswherethevoteis.com/petition ]

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you online. Thank you for 
your continued support and for your action.


Tim Lilienthal,
Lead Organizer, New Bottom Line
PICO National Network


PICO National Network, 110 Maryland Ave NE, Washington, 20002
Copyright 2012 PICO All Rights Reserved.

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