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From: Vincent Francisco <Vincent_Francisco at uncg.edu>

We are pleased to provide another wonderful issue of the Global
Journal. In this issue, you will find several outstanding items of
interest. In this issue, the Tools of the Trade focuses on a manual
provided by Jessica Collura and Shepherd Zeldin on planning for the
involvement of youth and adults in community partnerships. There is a
very interesting video about a housing program for persons
experiencing ongoing mental health issues in Lisbon, provided by our
colleagues at ISPA and the Housing First program
team. We have a very interesting set of peer-reviewed articles including:

  - an article from Italy on the empowering effects of social capitol
in communities experiencing crisis;
  - an article from the US describing a bicultural bilingual substance
abuse recovery home that is self-run by Latinos;
  - an article discussing issues associated with graduate students and
community participatory research;
  - a discussion of community leadership and social change.

We also have a book review provided by Judah Viola covering a book
about psychology and social change. Finally, we have a guest editorial
from Jim Cook on building strategic alliances as community

Please access the new issue at: http://www.gjcpp.org/.

We hope that you will enjoy this issue of the Global Journal as much
as we enjoy providing it to you.


Vincent T Francisco,
   and the entire GJCPP Management Team

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